Geely Icon 2022.

Geely Icon 2022.

Geely Icon 2022.

Geely Icon 2022: crossover with next year’s characteristics.
The Geely company announced the start of sales of the post-reform SUV in the crossover configuration of the Geely Icon 2022 brand, which has an expanded range of comfort-creating and functional options.

The new model differs from the earlier development of the 2021 model with a higher-quality interior trim, an interesting design of 17-inch wheels, as well as an expanded range of paintwork body decor.

According to reports, the price of new items in the basic version will stabilize at up to 15 thousand dollars. The cost of the version of the brighter and more decorated version of the Spring Limited Edition is slightly higher.


The list of features of the modernized SUV includes the absence of aggressive style elements characteristic of European and Asian counterparts.

In the photo, in the most expressive front projection, the crossover demonstrates the black gloss of the wide window frame, smooth aerodynamic contours of the front end, corresponding to the off-road status of the details of the external hinges.

In sight:

rounded front edge complemented by a longitudinal relief of an almost flat bonnet;

LED dotted lines of running lights located on both sides of the decorative strip;

vertical arrangement of three-section xenon front optics units combined with direction indicators.

Geely Icon 2022.

The design and layout features of the front end include a compact rectangular radiator lining and an array of plastic body kit equipped with cutouts for towing brackets.

The external decor of the front side of the case is represented by brand symbols, overlays and a variety of step-wave reliefs.

The budget crossover looks stylish and even somewhat presentable from a side view. Available — a short front end, a massive body and a vertical edge of the stern.

There is a harmonious combination of classic crossover-off-road style with original layout and design solutions.

In the profile projection, the new body of the restyled Chinese all-terrain vehicle is characterized by:

flat roof line;
angular contours of the side glazing sections;
embossed contours of square wheel arches.

Geely Icon 2022.

In the new incarnation, the crossover received modern rectangular mirrors, retractable door handles, effective plastic protection of the lower perimeter of the case and a design of silver discs that is exclusive in its size category.

The continuity of the canons of the brand style can be seen in the design and equipment of the rear of the SUV. In the spotlight:

a typical crossover tandem of a spoiler lip equipped with stop illumination and a rear window located under a steep slope;

the tailgate, complete with branding, information badges and embossed cross-sections;

silver contours of diffusers of a figured plastic body kit complete with a protective panel.

The stern optics are represented by two horizontal lamps with interesting graphics and a pair of fog lights.

Geely Icon 2022.


The interior of the Gili Ikon 2022 crossover is designed at the level of similar models of the higher price segment.

The assortment includes a very high-quality fabric or kozhimite finish that meets the current standards, the working properties of technical and electronic equipment.

Already in the standard configuration there is a high-class media and entertainment complex with voice control, video monitoring of the traffic situation with a built-in emergency braking circuit and other useful functional and comfort options.

The front panel with an analogue-digital instrument panel and a compact three-tier console is complemented by a set of ventilation deflectors.

The command functionality is distributed between the buttons of the semi-sports multifunction steering wheel and the touch-sensitive touchpad of the 9-inch media display.

The structure of the high and narrow tunnel consists of a well with ports for charging a smartphone, a technical sector with a transmission handle, two cup holders and a soft armrest combined with a spacious container.

The budgetary status of the crossover has affected the seating service. Front seats with lateral support elements are equipped with mechanical or top-end adjustment ranges and a heating circuit.

The central seat of the back sofa, which is spacious enough and comfortable for long trips, with an adjustable backrest is equipped with a folding armrest.

By simply transforming the backrest, the boot volume of the 420-liter luggage compartment is increased to 1200 liters.

Geely Icon 2022.


The dimensions and dimensions of the body in the SUV configuration in terms of 4350 x 1810 and 1615 mm are adapted in accordance with the assembly and layout properties of the platform developed with the participation of Volvo specialists.

The length of the center-to-center chassis is 2640 mm, the clearance height is being specified.

The front-wheel drive chassis with independent MacPherson and multi-link rear suspension is equipped with anti-roll bars, high-performance disc brakes and electronically controlled road safety systems.

The power tandem of the new Geely Icon 2022 consists of a gasoline «aspirated» with the parameters of 1.5 l / 177 hp / 220 Nm of peak traction and a 7-band «robot» of the 7DCT series.

The test drive confirmed the dynamics of the exchange of the first «hundred parts» of 7.9 seconds, maximum speed up to 180 km / h, fuel consumption in mixed mode — from 5.9 to 7 liters.

Options and prices

The new Geely Ikon 2022 model year is announced in a non-alternative modification with a cost in ruble terms of 1.1 million units of the Russian currency.

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