Geely Jiaji 2022.

Geely Jiaji 2022.

Geely Jiaji 2022.

The updated Geely Jiaji minivan has entered the market.

The minivan itself was unveiled less than a month ago. However, the premium version that came out is so striking that it could be mistaken for a concept car.

Automaker Geely has presented the most expensive version of the recently updated Jiaji minivan.

The main differences between the luxury version and the standard variant of the van were a bicolor exterior and interior, a 4-seat interior, and a «starry sky» above the passengers’ heads.

The overall design of the exterior of the top version of Jiaji does not actually differ from the standard configurations.

The minivan is equipped with a large grille with vertical lamella inserts and a massive bumper.

As the main innovations can be noted a lot of decor, placed on the body of the car, as well as the black and white coloring of the van.

As for the interior of the Geely Jiaji, it has received many more changes.

The interior trim is done in blue and white shades, and the back row is represented by two comfortable seats, which are separated by a panel that allows you to manage the functionality of the van.

Geely Jiaji 2022.

In addition, there are lights on the pillars of the car, and the windows are covered with sunblinds.

We should also mention the «starry sky» applied to the upholstery of the ceiling of the car, similar to the Rolls-Royce.

The power capabilities of the top version of Geely Jiaji can be called modest. Under the hood of the van is a 1.8-liter turbo engine.

Its output reaches 184 horsepower and torque equals 300 N*m. A seven-speed «robot» cooperates with this engine.

Geely Jiaji 2022.

Dimensions of the body have not changed and correspond to the size of a classic van: 4706x1909x1690 mm. Ground clearance is 165 mm.

It is announced that the car has 37 improvements.

Of the innovations, we note a larger number of chrome elements, the original design of the wheels and modified bumpers.

At the same time, the appearance does not use the new corporate style that we see in the Atlas X and Emgrand L models.

The main surprise the developers have prepared in the interior. The interior of a real premium car opens up before us.

Geely Jiaji 2022.

The main colors in the interior are blue and white, such a combination definitely adds luxury. The highlight is the starry sky on the ceiling.

The same solution can be seen in the luxury cars Rolls-Royce.

Curtains appeared on the windows and interior lights were added to the pillars.

The length of the minivan is 4,706 mm and the distance between the axles is 2,805 mm.

Under the hood is a 1.8-liter turbo engine, which is able to produce 184 hp. It works in tandem with a seven-band «robot».

Geely Jiaji 2022.

The Jiaji’s interior has revised trim materials. Anti-bacterial materials are now used for the areas that most often come into contact with the hands of the passengers (steering wheel rim, door handles and so on), and the base color of the interior is now brownish burgundy instead of black.

Prices for standard variations of Geely Jiaji in China are 1.05-1.58 million rubles in Yuan terms.

At what price the manufacturer will price the top variant of the van is not reported yet.

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