Geely KX11 2022.

Geely KX11 2022.

Geely KX11 2022.

Geely KX11 2022: a large modern crossover with impressive features.

Shanghai Motor Show, held at the end of April this year, showed the world a lot of interesting automobile innovations, among which worthy place took Geely KX11 2022 — a stylish and trendy crossover, and in its creation, according to the developers, only ultramodern technology was used.

This is evidenced by the exterior, interior and underhood characteristics, and the totality of all of the above not only makes the car stand out in the stream, but also puts it on a par with its classmates from Europe, Japan and Korea, ensuring high competitiveness in various markets, including the domestic one.


The exterior of the car, judging by the photo, can be considered his winning side.

It is not flashy, emphasizing the connection with the best European fashion trends, but restyling still added the Chinese bright details, thanks to which the car is sure not to get lost in the stream.

The face of Jili KX11 2022 brings back memories of crossovers of the related brand «Volvo».

It has rather large dimensions, sloping windshield and relief hood lid with plenty of longitudinal grooves and slightly raised center.

In the middle underneath is an oval chrome grille with vertical slats and a large brand badge in the middle.

The small quadrangular squinting headlights are fitted with quality LED lamps and daytime running lights strips.

Geely KX11 2022.

Immediately beneath all this begins the bodykit, visually lightweight but powerful.

In its aerodynamic transitions there is a platform for the license plate, a wide additional air intake of a complex shape, many chrome decorative strips, as well as a solid protective plate at the very bottom.

The profile of the new model looks brutal. Small chrome rails accentuate pedigree curves of the roof, and the massive window line in chrome edging with black-plastic struts only increases the impression.

The relief here is mostly smooth, except for the bumps at the bottom of the doors. It ends around huge rounded wheel recesses and thresholds, equipped with a chrome decorative overlay.

Here the off-road character of the crossover is emphasized by a protective black-plastic layer, and rounded mirrors with turn signal repeaters, wheel disks with diameter from 18 to 20 with an interesting pattern, as well as slightly recessed door handles are supplementing its look.

At the rear, the new body looks more relaxed. Under the antenna fin is located a massive visor with a brake signal repeater.

Geely KX11 2022.

Slightly tilted small glass passes into the almost steep main part of the cover, which is decorated by LED parking lights, a thin band passing through the entire stern.

Below you can find small relief transitions, as well as a deep stamping for the license plate. And this part ends with a massive dodger, decorated with thin fog lights and a large, intricately curved chrome strip.


The interior of the new Jili KX11 2022 model year features a futuristic design and quality trim materials, among which are leather, fabrics, plastic and metal inserts.

The multimedia equipment, of course, will be on par, and the seven-seat cabin will allow the whole family to travel long distances.

The steering wheel of the car will receive average size, a rather thick rim with a convenient padding in the bottom and a massive centerpiece, to the right and left of which the command buttons and joysticks are located.

Geely KX11 2022.

Just behind the steering wheel is a small digital dashboard, and to the right of it is a glossy coating that runs through the entire cabin, in which both the entertainment complex touchscreen and a separate display for the passenger in the front seat are built in.

Below you can find thin slits of the ventilation deflectors and a number of buttons for adjusting the climate control and other functions.

The central tunnel has large dimensions and contains a technical panel with an elegant gear selector and a washer to select the driving modes, organizer, a place to recharge gadgets, several connectors, as well as a floppy armrest with a cooler inside.

Seating and trunk space

The car is designed for the simultaneous movement of five or seven people, and each passenger and driver will have a comfortable, quality leather-covered seat with a soft filler and decent side support.

The front seats will be equipped with heated and electrically adjustable position, on the second and third rows will be able to slightly change the position of the back, and on the couch of the second row — even to use a convenient armrest in the absence of a third rider.

In the luggage compartment can easily hold luggage capacity of 520 liters and increase this number more than doubled by transforming the seats of the second and third rows.

Geely KX11 2022.

Technical Specifications

On the Celestial market Geely KX11 2022 will be available with a two-liter gasoline engine with output of 218 or 238 «horses» and a seven-speed or eight-speed automatic respectively. A drive will be forward — with less powerful power-unit or full drive.

There is even no need to test-drive to understand that the automobile is able to accelerate quickly and cope with driving not only in a city and on a freeway, but also on easy lack of roads.

Options and prices

At the start of sales, the novelty will be offered in two configurations, later their number will increase. The price of the car in China will start at 1.7 million rubles, in terms of our money, but in Russia it may come close to the mark of 2 million, according to the estimates of auto experts.

The beginning of sales in Russia

In the Celestial Empire the car began to develop the market in the spring of 2021, but the date of release in Russia is postponed until the end of certification of the novelty, about the second quarter of 2022.

Competing models

Among the competitors of the Chinese crossover are the Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Mojave, Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Volkswagen Teramont, Audi KU8, and Mazda CX-9.

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