Geely Tugella 2021.

Geely Tugella 2021.

Geely Tugella 2021.

Geely Tugella 2021 is not a budget cross-country, but a modern and quite expensive car, created on the CMA platform, which the Chinese have developed together with Volvo.

Tugella became the first Geely car at the CMA, absorbing all the latest developments of Chinese-Swedish engineers and taking the position of the flagship of the entire Geely model range in Russia (even more “sophisticated” Geely Xingyue L has already been released in China, which has become the top-end cross of the brand).

The price of Geely Tugella is 2.7 million rubles in the Luxury package and 2.8 million rubles in the Flagship package.

The minimum difference in the price of trim levels is familiar to the «Chinese», but in fact the differences are reduced to 20 «discs instead of 19», automatic high beam, fabric trim of the rear pillars, NAPPA leather and suede instead of the usual leather trim, intelligent cruise control and a whole complex of safety. which includes an automatic counter-emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition, lane keeping, road sign recognition, and a whole host of other useful little things.

Needless to say, the absolute majority of Tugella’s sales come from the Flagship package — the overpayment is minimal, and the additional “package” is extensive.

There is only one engine for a crossover in Russia — this is a 2.0-liter gasoline turbocharged unit with 4 cylinders, developing 238 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque.

Geely Tugella 2021.

Teamed up with the 8-speed Aisin automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system, the engine is able to accelerate the crossover from standstill to 100 km / h in just 6.8 seconds.

Dimensions of Geely Tugela

Length — 4605 mm
Width — 1878 mm
Height — 1643 mm
Wheelbase — 2700 mm
Ground clearance — 204 mm

By the way, the name Tugela, strange for the Russian ear, is the name of one of the largest waterfalls on the planet, which is located in South Africa.

Geely’s crossover coupe was designed by a team led by Briton Peter Horbury, who previously worked with Volvo and Ford, and now serves as Vice President of Design at Geely Auto.

Despite the length of 4.6 meters, the new Tugela crossover does not look bulky, nevertheless, the sloping roofline does its job and we have almost a sports car with a high ground clearance in front of us.

Of the original solutions in the exterior, it is worth mentioning the metal-like exterior mirrors, double exhaust on the flanks of the rear bumper from twin “trunks”, a diffuser and large air intakes.

Geely Tugella 2021.

The crossover has a «inflated» hood and athletic sides with embossing.

From the visible adaptations of Geely Tugella to the realities of life of Russian motorists — unpainted black plastic on the wheel arches and in the lower part of the body around the perimeter.

Unlike body-colored plastic, as Tugella is sold at home in China, black polymer withstands abrasions and small impacts much better, although it does not look so prestigious.

Interior Geely Tugella 2021.

It often happens that the first impression is deceiving. Especially, Chinese cars have taught us to do this.

Everything in the picture is delightful, but you just have to look at it live, and stroke the burrs on the plastic with your palm, and breathe deeply the whole gamut of smells of the Chinese chemical industry — all the admiration disappears without a trace.

This is not the case with Tugella.
What is in the photo, what in reality and how it feels — the design and materials of the interior trim, as well as their fit, do not cause any complaints.

Of course, ergonomics is not yet the strong point of Chinese cars, but the French have already been surpassed in the Celestial Empire, which means you can get used to it.

Geely Tugella 2021.

The center console tilts slightly towards the driver, which is convenient, the flat-bottomed steering wheel is small, has a nice thick grip and is equipped with paddle shifters.

The Chinese crossover Geely has heated cup holders, heated all seats, a head-up display, a digital “tidy” and a panoramic roof.

You can only find fault with the interface of the head unit, which is not intuitive and slows down.

Since the Tugella is a crossover coupe, it means that its buyers are mentally ready for “sacrifices” and here their novelty does not disappoint.

The boot volume is only 326 liters, and the rear row passengers have barely enough legroom.

There is not much space above the head of the rear passengers — after all, there is a characteristic sloping roofline.


As can be understood from the bare numbers, Geely Tugella has more than enough power reserve, both for city driving and for the track with constant overtaking of trucks and “drifting” cars scurrying all over Russia.

Geely Tugella 2021.

Even at high speeds, a quick set of additional km / h is easy for the Chinese cross-coupe, instilling confidence in the driver and peace of mind in passengers.

The Tugella steering wheel has 2.7 turns from edge to edge of the rack, there is feedback, all steering movements are accurately transmitted to the axle.

The suspension also has no problems with primers — it effectively absorbs bumps and vibrations.

Overall, thanks to the benefits of the CMA architecture, the noise and vibration levels that enter the Tugella’s cabin are barely premium.

Up to a speed of 80 km / h, the engine noise is barely audible, but after 100 km / h the wind and the engine annoyingly make themselves felt when accelerating.

The crossover rolls are minimal even in tight corners — Volvo knows a lot about safety systems and the engineers have “stabilized” the Tugella to the maximum: ESP can be turned off. but at 90 km / h it turns back on its own.


A crossover in a coupe body is, of course, an image model, which is usually not the main one among manufacturers and is designed only to expand the boundaries of a particular brand’s presence on the market.

By making the Tugella its flagship, Geely has violated the generally accepted laws, and in return endowed the novelty with outstanding power and truly premium equipment.

Geely Tugella is expensive, but only when compared with the usual representatives of the compact class of the middle price range.

Beginning to bend your fingers, it will very quickly become clear that this Chinese product is head and shoulders above its own price.

It is unlikely that the Tugela crossover will become as frequent a guest on Russian roads as the Haval F7x, but its bright star will undoubtedly attract the attention of motorists to the brand.

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