Geely Tugella 2023.

Geely Tugella 2023.

Geely Tugella 2023.

A car dealership in Belarus began to offer suspiciously cheap Geely Tugella crossovers from 1.8 million rubles.

The Belarusian car market has recently launched the implementation of suspiciously budget versions of the Geely Tugella model.

One of the Minsk dealer companies is selling a Geely Tugella SUV, which received a similar price tag as the Coolray crossover.

The flagship version is offered to buy for $ 27,500 or 1 million 942 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the model is officially sold for $41,300 or 2 million 916 thousand rubles.

Motorists are offered a version of the model with a hybrid power plant, which includes a turbocharged 1.5-liter unit with a return of 177 “horses”.

Paired with a gasoline engine, a 48-volt starter-generator with a capacity of 13 forces is working. This set is offered at a discounted price.

At the same time, there is one distinguishing feature: this is a model with a mileage in the age category of three years with a modest mileage of 30 km.

The declared amount already includes taxes for customs and transportation. It is worth considering that the model does not have warranty obligations for repairs.

Geely Tugella 2023.

Technical specifications

The CMA trolley is used as the base for the SUV. In the engine range of this car, there is only one power unit with a maximum performance of 238 “horses” (350 N * m of torque).

The transmission is an eight-speed automatic. The drive of the car can be exceptionally complete.

From zero to the first “hundred”, such an installation will accelerate in just 8.1 seconds.

Geely Tugella 2023.

At the same time, fuel consumption is generally small — 6.9 liters per hundred kilometers. The power plant complies with the EURO-5 emission standard.


As noted above, the main advantage of this car in its design. After restyling, the car began to look even more attractive.

Geely Tugella 2023.

Cross looks «aggressive» in the style of a sports car. In front, wide rectangular headlights with LED “stuffing” are installed.

In the center is a narrow shield-shaped radiator grille with a mesh filling and a Chinese brand logo in the center.

The profile draws attention with stampings, straight lines, stylish wheels, and, of course, an arched roof. At the stern of the SUV — medium-sized lights, a small rear wing and four exhaust pipes.

Geely Tugella 2023.

The interior of the car has not received significant changes. From the driver’s side, you can see the electronic instrument panel and multifunction steering wheel.

To the right of these elements, you can see the touch screen of the multimedia complex, directly below which are the air conditioning vents.

In turn, the climate control module is located lower on the edge of the “tunnel” between the seats. There is also a gear knob, analog buttons and an armrest.

In general, the interior design is quite attractive.

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