Geely Zeekr 001 2023.

Geely Zeekr 001 2023.

Geely Zeekr 001 2023.

Pre-order for the new Zeekr 001 is open: the cost of the premium liftback has been announced.

Now you can pre-order the new Zeekr 001 2023.

The Yekaterinburg dealer is ready to bring to Russia a new model of this 2023 liftback. At the moment, its price tag is within 7.46 million rubles.

Note that the price may change after the delivery of this car to Russia. In the Chinese market, Zeekr 001 is offered for 300,000 yuan (which, at the current exchange rate, is 3.07 million rubles).

Also in China, an extended version of the liftback is available, which costs 403 thousand yuan (about 4.13 million rubles).

The car of 2023 release has quite impressive dimensions: 1560 x 1999 x 4970 mm (height, width and length, respectively). The wheelbase is also appropriate — 3005 mm.

As for the technical equipment, the liftback is equipped with an electric motor with the highest output of 544 hp. and a torque of 768 N * m.

Geely Zeekr 001 2023.

In tandem with it, an automatic transmission functions. The car is only available in all-wheel drive.

The battery capacity of the Zeekr 001 is 100 kWh. This charge is enough to overcome about 600 km of the road.

Geely Zeekr 001 2023.

If we compare the Chinese liftback offered for sale by the ECB dealer with its 2022 variation, then there are practically no differences between them.

The whole difference is in the richer list of electronic assistants to the driver (in the newer version of Zeekr 001).

Geely Zeekr 001 2023.

The new «Chinese» is equipped with:

blind spot and lane control assistants;
a system that prevents collisions with other cars;
motion assistant when starting and moving down;
a sensor that monitors the penetration into the interior of the liftback;
voice control function;
adaptive lighting.

Geely Zeekr 001 2023.

Also, the new Zeekr 001 will please the owner with air suspension, overview cameras, a projection display, modern climate control and the possibility of keyless entry into the car.

For the new Zeekr 001, the driving assistance system has been improved, as well as lane control and even the ability to change the trajectory.

Test trials should begin in January, and in the second quarter the car will go on sale.

Note the presence of the head unit, the diagonal of which reaches 14.7 inches. Also, a separate screen is intended for rear row passengers.


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