Genesis G90 2023.

Genesis G90 2023.

Genesis G90 2023.

The new Genesis G90 sedan of the 2023 model year is preparing for its debut.

Western publications have shot a video, which shows in detail luxury sedan Genesis G90 version 2023 model year in the version with an extended wheelbase.

«The South Korean Maybach is truly luxurious» — the video was published with these words.

Genesis, which is a division of Hyundai engaged in the development of luxury cars, is definitely successful in creating truly unique models.

For the second generation of the G90 full-size sedan, which is the flagship of the Genesis lineup, a version with a longer wheelbase has also become available.

Official images show this car in late 2021.

A new video published on YouTube channel CarSceneKorea allows us to get a closer look at the «stretched» sedan, and we must say that the size of these rear doors is huge.

Genesis G90 2023.

A whopping 190 millimeters longer than the standard G90, the long-wheelbase version of the model has 20-inch shield-design wheels and plenty of chrome on its majestic bodywork.

Since you can’t be bothered to manually close the rear doors, there’s a button on the rear center console that can close the doors for you, just like the British Rolls-Royce models.

Being an extra-long model, there is a huge amount of space in the back of the cabin.

Genesis G90 2023.

The best seat is the rear right passenger seat, as you can recline the front passenger seat and stretch out thanks to the footrest on the back of the front seat.

Keep in mind that this is not the first car with this feature.

Since we are dealing with a more luxurious version of the G90, it should be mentioned that Genesis will sell the car exclusively with all-wheel drive.

The standard wheelbase model will also be offered with rear-wheel drive.

Genesis G90 2023.

Another difference between the two is in the engine: while both have a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6, it’s a bit more special in the extended sedan.

Equipped with an electric supercharger and 48-volt mild hybrid technology, the six-cylinder engine produces 415 horsepower, while the regular G90 must settle for 380 hp.

The debut of the long wheelbase model has not yet been officially announced.

Genesis G90 2023.

Recall, the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 is gone, and the new V6 is only five horses less in power.

Genesis hasn’t said a word about introducing the new G90 in Europe, where the company will sell other models as well as the stylish G70 Shooting Brake station wagon.

Not so long ago, our edition wrote that the electric crossover Genesis GV90 will be equipped with a very unusual system of heating the interior.

The Korean Car Blog shares new details about the future luxury flagship of the Genesis lineup.

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