Genesis GV60 2022.

Genesis GV60 2022.

Genesis GV60 2022.

Electric crossover Genesis GV60 2022: first images.

Having started with large cars with indexes 80 and 90, the brand Genesis is gradually mastering the junior classes, and has already shown the first model of the 60-series.

It is electric GV60 created on a modular E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), which is already the basis of Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. So far, only the first images have been published without any specifications.

«Sixty» develops a new corporate style of the brand Genesis with double-deck optics in the front and rear, but there are also its own features.

For example, this is the first model with a large hood that goes over the fenders.

The doors have retractable handles. And the huge grille mouth, though not entirely, is still functional: there is an air intake at the bottom to cool the traction battery.

Genesis GV60 will be the first Korean car with cameras instead of rear-view mirrors.

The image from them is transmitted to the screens attached to the doors, although they look as if they were installed in the service after the sale of the car.

Genesis GV60 2022.

It is not excluded that there will be simpler versions with regular mirrors.

The developers call the interior concept «Beauty of White Space», that is «the beauty of empty space».

E-GMP platform allowed making a flat floor, and the absence of the traditional central tunnel is designed to enhance the effect of a spacious interior.

The transmission selector half-sphere, the media system puck and cupholders are located on a separate console, which is attached to the armrest.

Genesis GV60 2022.

The GV60 has two screens on the front panel, dual-zone climate control and leather interior.

Using the E-GMP platform means the Genesis GV60 will have rear- or all-wheel drive, next-generation batteries and a battery charger that works with up to 800 volts and up to 350 kW of power.

But all details won’t be made public until the fall, and production of the Sixty will start in 2022.

Genesis showed the GV60, its first production electric car and the sportiest model in its lineup.

Following Hyundai and KIA, the new E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) platform for electric cars was developed by the premium brand Genesis.

Genesis GV60 2022.

The first electric car in the brand’s history should be the GV60 compact crossover, the first information about which has already been officially disclosed.

The design of the novelty is distinguished by a coupe-like silhouette and thoroughly worked aerodynamics, which is operated by retractable door handles and cameras instead of the usual exterior mirrors.

The model’s recognizability is influenced by the Genesis characteristic bifurcated headlights and lights, as well as the signature Crest Grille.

One of the design elements is also the Clamshell Hood, which combines the front fenders and hood in a single detail.

Genesis GV60 2022.

In the interior, the main feature is the Crystal Sphere transmission selector, which is just a decorative element when the engine is off, and when starting the power plant is transformed into a driving mode control element.

The rear-view camera settings, door handles and steering wheel hub are in the same style as Crystal Sphere.

There is no technical information about the novelty, but model name is explained.

The letter G in the designation GV60 refers to the brand name (Genesis) and V indicates the «vehicle’s versatility», while the digital index indicates the positioning of electric cars in the lineup — the smaller the number, the more sporty the model, and the higher it is, the more luxurious it is.

Thus, the Genesis GV60 electric car is the brand’s most sporty car to date.

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