Genesis GV70 2023.

Genesis GV70 2023.

Genesis GV70 2023.

Genesis GV70 2023. The car is better than it may seem at first sight: six months on the GV70.

When you start to get into the details, the Genesis GV70 is much better than it seems at first glance.

It feels like Korean engineers and marketing specialists have studied forums of the owners of German competitors for months to get the best from them and eliminate «shoals».

In many respects they have succeeded. The Genesis is finished inside with dignity and good quality. Eco leather is much more pleasant tactile than, for example, in Mercedes.

The trunk is roomy — with the folded seats it is no problem to put a bicycle with 29 wheels.

Excellent visibility, well and convenient little things like a button to open the trunk on the rear window wiper (like on the Porsche Macan) also please. But not everything is perfect.

For example, there is no independent heater, as in Audi, it means that when you sit in the car with the engine switched off you cannot switch on the air conditioner. On the passenger seat there is no memory in adjustments.

The roof console is made of cheap plastic. All this is a little bit disharmonious with well-built, otherwise premium interior.

Genesis GV70 2023.

What about the ride? The first thing I would note is noise isolation. Everything is super while driving, but then you understand that it is somehow strange. As if some noise reduction is adjusted here, as in headphones.

Because when the car is standing still, the sounds of the outer world are felt quite distinctly.

Genesis GV70 2023.

Maneuverability of GV70 is not top, but, at least, it is better than the majority of schoolmates. It stands well on the road, but in tight turns with speeds over 150 km/h it’s already frightening. The brakes are 4 of 5.

Acceleration is brisk, but more comfortable than sporty. No, as in BMW strong stupor on startup. But at low revs it pulls weakly.

And when it gains power it is brisk but still without a sharpening. Acceleration is within the norm at any speed, but after 220 km/h it reacts sluggishly on the gas. Maximum speed is limited to 243 km/h.

Genesis GV70 2023.

Suspension — the golden mean, not hard and not soft. Certainly it is good for daily driving, but on a track it will be not so reckless and safe.

The turning angle is comfortable, but for such dimensions it should be.

Lunch control is there, but you can not just turn it on from a traffic light, it is necessary to «dance with a tambourine», press buttons.

It is possible to start with 2,000 rpm by pressing two pedals, but then there will be a lag on start.

That is, the pedal is released, then some stagnation and let’s go. Well, after five lunches message pops up that the start is impossible, because the transmission is overheated.

At consumption turns out about 23 liters/100km when actively driving in the city. If not sinking — about 16 liters per hundred. On average it is somewhere around 20.

Genesis GV70 2023.

On the highway with cruise control at 90 km/h — 8l/100km, at 110 km/h — 9l, at 150 — 13l, with a tap in the floor — 31 l per hundredth.

As for maintenance, it is difficult to say yet, but it is certainly not more expensive than its competitors, even in the current realities.

What else I would note.

Of the pluses:

On the projection display Genesis shows cameras and the distance to them (though, it is still unclear how this base is updated).

A huge number of personal driver settings, up to the stroke of the brake pedal).

Driver’s profiles are not tied to the key, as in German cars, they can be selected in the multimedia.

There is no annoying start-stop button. Rear differential, turns like on rails with it.

Genesis GV70 2023.

Of the minuses:

Even with the most comfortable settings, the steering wheel is heavy.

The rear camera has no washer.

CarPlay via wire only.

No air suspension.

Every time you start up, lane assist comes on — have to turn it off.

Overall, the Genesis GV70 is a solid and well thought out in detail, but with no pretensions to sportiness.

All options work well and without glitches, it is beautiful in appearance. If you are not a racer you can bravely take a variant with a diesel engine and not to worry.

All in all, a decent car with a minimum of disadvantages and a lot of advantages.

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