Genesis GV80 2022.

Genesis GV80 2022.

Genesis GV80 2022.

Genesis GV80 2022: debut crossover of premium sub-brand Hyundai in stylish guise.
Not so long ago, only sedans were in the assets of the premium Genesis sub-brand.

However, the desire to be in trend makes its own adjustments, and therefore the first crossover of the brand is presented to the world — Genesis GV80 2022.

It will receive an ultramodern appearance, luxurious and comfortable interior, as well as excellent engines, the characteristics of which will significantly expand the scope of potential use of the car.

It is obvious that restyling of this car will not be required very soon, since all the current trends and traditions of automotive fashion are taken into account in it, and an adequate cost will attract the attention of buyers to the new product.


As can be judged from the photo, the appearance of the car turned out to be completely unlike anything produced by the brand before.

The new body has received impressive dimensions and bright unique decorative elements that make the car stand out in the stream.

The front of the Genesis GV80 2022 looks massive, but it is located at a low height. Better visibility from the driver’s seat is ensured by the solid tilt of the bonnet, which has received a solid elevation right in the center.

Genesis GV80 2022.

The sides of the lid look simpler, but this is a clever design move, attracted attention to the state-of-the-art horizontal stripes of head lighting technology located immediately below them.

Each of the two headlamp units will have the highest quality LED filling, perfectly illuminating the road in any conditions.

Between them, you can find a trapezoidal main air intake, covered with a fine mesh and decorative stripes. This whole pattern is chrome-colored.

The body kit of the novelty has a very modest size and minimalist relief; a couple of side holes are perfectly built into it for air flow access to the front brakes.

Between all this, there is a plate under the license plate and thin stripes of plastic in the body color, but, unfortunately, there is no protection for the lower part here.

The sides of the new model look stylish due to small, barely noticeable roof rails, a drop-shaped window figure in chrome trim with wide black-glossy pillars, as well as a pretty, smooth top and chopped bottom relief.

Genesis GV80 2022.

The appearance is complemented by the rounded «ears» of the side mirrors, which, in fact, are rear-view cameras transmitting the image to the dashboard, door handles recessed into the body, as well as air intake dies in the rear of the fenders.

The circular wheel arches appear to be «double», and the bright rims installed in them emphasize the high status of the car.

The rear of the car looks no less impressive due to a powerful visor slightly turned towards the road with stop repeaters, a large, inclined glass and an almost vertical door with a modest relief.

In the upper part of this element, there is a thin horizontally oriented lighting equipment, which, like the front, consists of two stripes located one above the other.

A chrome nameplate with the name of the car manufacturer is located between the side lights.

Then the body kit begins with interesting chrome inserts and a place for a registration plate surrounded by powerful relief.

The exhaust system, represented by two large ovals at the end of the pipes, is barely visible on the modest diffuser located very low on the bumper.

Genesis GV80 2022.


The interior of the new Genesis GV80 2022 model year can be described by the phrase «expensive-rich».

For example, finishing materials include insanely soft natural leather, plastic, as well as metal and Alcantara inserts.

A luxurious multimedia system will not let passengers and the driver get bored on the road, and luxurious seats will make any movement by car as convenient as possible.

Control and management bodies

The high center console seemed to have moved into the car from the spacecraft. It is very large, but looks minimalist due to the lack of a large number of physical buttons.

Behind the stylish chubby steering wheel, the digital instrument cluster begins, and to the right of it is the entertainment settings display.

Below, the air ducts begin, represented by a single strip, as well as a small number of switches for setting the operating modes of the machine.

Then there is a large and imposing tunnel with a transmission selector, several technical buttons and an armrest with cup holders and a refrigerator in its bowels.

Slightly lowering, this element reaches the second row sofa, where passengers can adjust the climate control system and some multimedia options from it.

Genesis GV80 2022.

Seats and luggage compartment

The crossover, depending on the configuration, can have five or seven seats. At the same time, only the five-seater version assumes ventilation and electric drives for adjustments of the second row.

In the three-row variation, only the front row of seats can boast of these options. In any version, however, all the seats are comfortable in shape, good lateral support and fairly soft padding.

True, the third row is still, to a greater extent, intended for not very large people. But by adding it together with the second row, you can more than double the usable trunk area from 727 liters!


In Korea, the 2022 Genesis GV80 goes on sale with an updated six-cylinder turbocharged diesel. With a volume of three liters, such a motor produces 278 «horses».

Currently, cars with gasoline turbo units of 2.5 and 3.5 liters, capable of showing 300 and 379 forces, respectively, are put on the stream.

The gearbox is an uncontested eight-step automatic machine. But the drive can be chosen: either rear or all-wheel drive.

As the test drive showed, the car can easily pick up speed and perfectly cope with all the difficulties of driving in the city and on the highway. But strong off-road conditions, even with all-wheel drive, are contraindicated for it.

Options and prices

Five configurations will be available for ordering in Russia with the possibility of expanding each with additional packages.

The starting price of the novelty will be 4.5 million rubles, for all options you will need to pay an additional 2.35 million.

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