Genesis X Concept 2021.

Genesis X Concept 2021.

Genesis X Concept 2021.

The Genesis X Concept is testing the waters for the brand’s future premium coupé.

Genesis hosted a special event in Los Angeles, during which it unveiled its fifth concept, the Genesis X. This model is an electric grand tourer designed to showcase the design changes that will receive future models of the brand.

Project chief designer SangYup Lee said the prototype was designed in the «Ultimate Athletic Elegance» style, with both familiar and brand new designs.

In particular, the Genesis X Concept features the signature Crest Grille, which also features a 3D G-Matrix design. Also, the prototype is notable for unusual headlights and lanterns made in the form of dual LED strips.

Interestingly, the model’s long bonnet and front fenders are one piece. This decision contributed to the creation of a cleaner and more aerodynamic appearance.

Genesis X Concept 2021.

Separately, the Koreans note the dark blue color of the body of the prototype. This color is called «Lençóis Blue» and is allegedly «inspired» by the lagoons of the Brazilian national park Lençóis Maranhensis.

At the same time, the two-door is installed on stylish five-spoke wheels with brake calipers in a bright green hue. The developers note that the latter should symbolize that it is a «green» car in front of us.

Genesis X’s cabin is driver-oriented, with a visually distant driver’s area and trim in rich Scotch Brown leather, while the passenger seat is Ocean Wave Green Blue.

By the way, bucket chairs with four-point seat belts are used as seats in the model. Plus it is worth noting the «floating» center console, under which the developers have provided a compartment for things.

Genesis X Concept 2021.

Note that Genesis X is just a show car, so the developers do not talk about its technical stuffing. They are not going to launch the coupe in the series, although some of the solutions shown on the prototype should appear on future models of the brand.

Genesis X Concept and new dreams of a big coupe.

For once, the «X» is not a crossover. In this case, a different meaning is embedded in the name — they say, before us is a secret «car X».

This is the fifth Genesis concept car in which the designers have shown their vision of a large coupe of the GT class. Moreover, the car was shown not only online, but also live at a special event in Los Angeles.

The Koreans already presented the project of a large coupe in 2015, but the Hyundai Vision G Coupe concept became only a design harbinger of the current Genesis G90 sedan, never reaching the conveyor.

Now the situation is the opposite: in the Genesis X Concept model, the creators developed the already established style of the brand, but at the same time it has a chance to appear on the roads.

Genesis X Concept 2021.

«Expensive» proportions with a long hood and a short tail of the trunk, clean lines, large wheels.

And the widespread use of double lines, which have already become a family trait of Genesis serial models: not only the lighting technology, but also the decor is designed in this vein.

The bonnet is combined with the fenders to minimize the number of cracks and openings on the body.

The designers have also done a great job on the four-seater interior. Instead of the boring architecture with flat screens, there is an intricate curved display (with a visor!) That turns into a touch-sensitive center console.

Genesis X Concept 2021.

And on the central tunnel there is an unusual transmission selector, which turns into a decorative hemisphere in parking mode.

About the technical part, it is said only that the Genesis X Concept has an electric drive: the company did not distract us from admiring the design.

But if you consider that the coupe was originally in the plan for the development of the Genesis brand, soon it is worth waiting for a production car: until now, this plan has been strictly carried out.

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