Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023. Genesis showed images of the interior of the X Speedium Coupe concept car: all the instruments are next to the driver.

In the middle of spring, Genesis showed the X Speedium Coupe 2022 concept car for the first time.

Today, the Korean brand has published images of the interior of this car.

The interior has been created during five months. It reflects the principle of Korean design.

Representatives of Genesis said that the architecture of this country was used for inspiration, as well as clean and minimalistic languages of forms.

If you look at the photo, you will immediately notice the asymmetry.  All the controls and various displays are located near the driver.

In addition, his seat is made in a contrasting dark shade, blending perfectly with the light interior.

No details are available, but we are likely to see a curved screen and a floating center console.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023.

By the way, the monitor will show the engine power indicator. Slightly to the right is a vertically-oriented display for the infotainment system.

It has a more modern user interface design.

Also visible in the images are leather door panels, two rear seats and a cargo area with X-belts.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023.

In addition, the model gets an upgraded audio system with aluminum tweeters that are optimized for better sound quality.

We know that the X Speedium Coupe is an electric car. Therefore, it is not surprising that some environmentally friendly components are used in the interior.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023.

For example, there is vegetable tanned leather without chrome. The ceiling is upholstered in «breathable full-grain leather,» and fewer chemicals are used to produce it.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe 2023.

The Genesis creative director explained why so much time has passed between the show of the exterior and the interior.

It’s all about the fact that the designers originally wanted to elaborate on the interior and when the final excellent result came out, they decided to show it to the world.


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