GMA T50 2022 Test.

GMA T50 2022 Test.

GMA T50 2022 Test.

Gordon Murray took an unconventional approach to airbag testing in the GMA T50 hypercar.

Gordon Murray, the mastermind behind the T50 hypercar, decided to take an unconventional approach to the issue of testing airbags in the car.

He kicked his hypercar underneath the bottom during tests, made it jump, etc.

The production launch of the Gordon Murray Automotive T50 hypercar is closer than ever.

However, before the first customer cars are delivered to their owners, safety issues need to be addressed, and the way in which this is done is quite unusual.

In the process, the T50 jumps, bumps, and breaks.

Dario Franchitti details the testing process, which in this case focuses on calibrating the airbag systems in the car.

Gordon Murray compared the GMA T.50 supercar to the French Alpine A110.

Many remember how sensitive airbags were in some sports cars in the past.

One infamous video shows how the side airbags used in the Chevy Camaro deployed when the driver crossed the «rumble strip,» a common occurrence on the racetrack.

GMA T50 2022 Test.

That’s one of the reasons these kinds of tests are so important, and it demonstrates why so many of the tests shown in this video focus on hitting the suspension and underbody of the car.

The T.50 coupe is a lightweight and concise supercar that is intended to be the ideological successor to the iconic McLaren F1.

Deliveries of serial cars to customers have not yet begun, as prototypes are undergoing final tests and adjustments.

GMA T50 2022 Test.

And the firm has shown that it has to carry the pre-production samples of the car to get admission to public roads.

Briton Dario Franchitti, who previously raced and is now helping Gordon Murray Automotive tweak the driving habits of the new supercar, showed the process of calibrating the new T.50’s airbags.

GMA T50 2022 Test.

Without them, the car won’t be allowed on the roads, but they also need to be tuned for the passive safety systems to work correctly.

At the range in Papenburg, Germany, the pre-production prototypes are tested on different types of roads, including paving stones, run at different speeds through calibrated pits and «lying policemen», railroad crossings, driven into a pile of gravel and even make them jump off ramps, and also conduct a number of other tests that simulate potential situations on the roads.

GMA T50 2022 Test.

The purpose of such tests is to calibrate the airbags so that the squibs are not triggered at harmless moments for the health of the driver and passengers — even if they are fraught with damage to the car, but so that the airbags open when there is a real traffic accident.

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