Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021.

Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021.

Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021: a luxury car for the European crossover market.

The new model of the premium Chinese crossover Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021 in the so-called «coffee» assortment ranks second after the flagship analogue Wey Mocha.

The novelty has been assigned a global status, the crossover will enter the European market in the middle of the summer season.

Already in the basic modification, the car demonstrates a modern and stylish body design, real off-road potential, practical and functional interior equipment, modern output characteristics of standard electronics.

The crossover is available in front- and all-wheel drive configurations. It has a premium level of interior road comfort, an economical hybrid drive, an efficient suspension and additional functions of operational safety systems.


The new crossover looks bold and a little aggressive in the photo in the front view. In sight:

• raised ribbed sidewalls of the hood falling along the perimeter;

• coarse mesh texture of the hexagonal grille;

• compact format of three-element blocks of powerful LED optics;

• angular configuration with fog-light ventilation side diffusers.

Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021.

The front end is completed with a plastic upper half-perimeter of the engine compartment air intake and a protruding horizontal profile of the compact body kit. In the design of the front side of the body, decorative chrome lining and a variety of dynamic stepped reliefs are used.

The design of the sidewalls is copied from the older Wey Mocha model with minor changes. The new body effectively demonstrates:

• silver roof rails and a flat domed roof line;

• clear contrast of the light frame and black gloss of the side window pillars;

• original design of mirrors and compact format of handles recessed into the door.

The list of design features of the sidewalls of the Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021 includes stepped profiles of branded body reliefs, massive off-road hinges and an exclusive «turbine» pattern of 17-inch aluminum wheels.

The design of the stern uses the traditional features of the crossover layout for many SUVs. In stock:

• the sharpened edge of the spoiler lip shading the rear window semi-shaft;

• decorated with chrome details and stepped reliefs tailgate;

• angular contours of blocks of multifunctional feet.

In the standard configuration of the bumper, there is a plastic-metal body kit with outlet air diffusers and three vertical fog lamps.

Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021.

According to experts, the future restyling of the crossover will be focused on modernizing the equipment and improving the driving characteristics, and the appearance will be finalized only in small details.


For the design of the spacious and comfortable five-seater cabin, premium quality materials have been used, including several varieties of genuine leather, decorated cladding plastic and stylish expressive inserts made of polished aluminum composite.

In the structural properties of the front panel, a large format and increased information content of the center console display, therefore, the area of ​​the instrument panel is reduced to the required minimum.

The command functionality is concentrated on two dashboards and on the buttons of the multifunctional steering wheel.

Driving comfort in difficult weather conditions and at high speed modes is provided by navigation and climate control systems, traffic monitoring and video review of the rear hemisphere.

Test checks of the new off-road crossover model confirmed the off-road and speed characteristics indicated in the documentation, well-coordinated interaction of technical and electronic equipment.

The tunnel includes a technical segment, organizers and a double-leaf armrest that combines the function of a refrigerator cover.

The status of a premium car is confirmed by the carefully thought-out ergonomics of the seats. The service of the front seats equipped with lumbar-lateral support offers a wide range of operational adjustments, ventilation and seat heating circuits.

Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021.

A very comfortable back sofa with an adjustable backrest angle can accommodate three adult passengers with adequate comfort.

The working volume of the luggage compartment is 390 liters. Its 2.5-fold increase is not excluded due to the partial dismantling of the sofa back. More accurate data in the list of classified information.


The external dimensions of the novelty are comparable to the dimensions of the Lexus NX series, respectively 4520 x 1855 and 1665 mm.

The modified proprietary platform with an adaptive axle suspension, a chassis wheelbase of 2,710 mm, built-in stabilizers and electronic assistants guarantees a decent level of comfort at different driving and speed modes.

• The crossover drives an economical hybrid tandem of a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and an asynchronous electric motor with a total capacity of 192 hp.

• Transmission automation with high efficiency realizes all the advantages of the combined drive.

Great Wall Wey Macchiato 2021.

The test drive showed excellent acceleration dynamics for its segment, as well as the off-road potential declared by the company.

Options and prices

There is no information on the availability of modifications, as well as the cost of new items in information sources for this hour. The price is expected to be published early in the summer season.

Sales start in Russia

In Russia, the new Great Wall Wey Macchiato of the 2021 model year will be assembled by the Hawal branded plant in Tula.

According to preliminary data, the first crossovers will roll off the assembly line in mid or late summer 2021.

Competing models

According to Chinese observers, the new crossover of the «coffee» series can compete with similar class analogues Lexus NX, Changan Uni-K, BMW X6, Hongqi HS5, Beijing BJ40 or Exeed TXL.

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