Gunther Werks Project Tornado.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado: a wind-up orange with a carbon skin based on a Porsche 911.

Gunther Werks of the Californian coastal town of Huntington Beach makes restomods based on the Porsche 911 generation 993.

The Project Tornado, recently presented, is the most powerful and spectacular of its sports cars: the air-cooled six-cylinder «opposition engine» produces more than 700 hp.

At the beginning of the last decade, California-based Singer Vehicle Design set the trend for high-tech restomods based on the classic Porsche 911.

Demand for such cars exceeded expectations, so Singer quickly gained imitators and competitors, in particular Gunther Werks, founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of the Vorsteiner tuning studio.

The name Gunther Werks refers to a very famous NASA engineer in the United States, Gunther Wendt, who was involved in key milestones in the development of the American aerospace industry.

Gunther Werks is not so reverent to the historical context of donor Porsche, as Singer, allows itself bold experiments with design and it should be said, it turns out quite well. The Project Tornado is a living example.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado is essentially an analogue of the Singer Turbo Study, but with a more brutal approach to design and engineering.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado.

It takes a stock Porsche 911 generation 993 coupe (the latter with air-cooled engines) from the mid-90s and transforms it into a cabron monster.

All exterior body panels and interior trim are newly designed and made of carbon fiber, which reduces the weight compared to the donor car by about 200 kg.

In the puffy fenders cut ducts, the front and rear bumpers received aggressive and at the same time functional design — the splitter and diffuser work for downforce, as well as a giant «chopping board» on the stern with side air intakes in the style of the classic 911 GT2 and a modern X-shaped grid in the upper part.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado.

The 4.0-liter turbocharged, horizontal-fan racing turbo engine is supplied by Rothsport Racing of neighboring Oregon, with a maximum output of 710 hp and 759 Nm.

The gearbox is a six-speed manual, with all power going to the rear wheels via a self-locking differential.

The suspension features adjustable JRZ dampers, carbon-ceramic brakes supplied by Brembo, and 18-inch classic-style wheels made of carbon fiber.

The interior generally retains the spirit of the Porsche 993, but has added many new features, namely a carbon fiber steering wheel in the style of modern Porsche, sports carbon fiber buckets, a new center tunnel of carbon fiber with a high gear lever and multimedia tablet with magnetic attachment, inserts and alcantara and orange leather.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado.

The car shown in the photos is focused primarily on hardcore track driving, but a road-touring variant can be made at the customer’s request.

Soften the suspension settings, install a more elegant ducktail spoiler at the rear, put comfortable seats in the cabin and equip the car with other amenities (such as front luggage rack).

Gunther Werks Project Tornado.

Gunther Werks is planning to produce only 25 copies of Project Tornado.

The price has not yet been announced, but according to rumors, those who want to make it should prepare not less than a million dollars.

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