Hamann BMW X6 2021.

Hamann BMW X6 2021. 

Hamann BMW X6 2021. 

BMW X6 (G06) from Hamann studio: body kit for 750 thousand and wheels for 735.

For a long time there was no news from the specialists of the tuning studio Hamann, which in the fall of the twentieth year reminded of themselves with the release of a package of improvements for the new generation BMW X6 (G06) crossover.

True, the company limited itself mainly to the exterior of the car, leaving the technical «stuffing» standard.

The body kit for the model includes a front splitter, wheel arch extensions, two spoilers at the stern, and a diffuser in the rear bumper with cutouts for 101 mm exhaust pipes.

For this body kit, the company asks for 8,100 euros (about 750,000 rubles at the current exchange rate).

Also, for the new X 6, branded rims Anniversary Evo are offered, «shod» in tires measuring 295/30 R22 in front and 335/25 R22 at the rear, or 315/25 R23 on both axles.

The cost of wheels varies from 7,724 to 7,840 euros (from 723,000 to 735,000 rubles), while the wheels are available in three colors: Black Line, Graphite Gray or Hyper Silver.

For the exhaust system, Hamann asks for 2,160 euros (200,000 rubles), plus a suspension lowering module is offered for customers for another 2,040 euros (189,000 rubles), which allows to reduce the ground clearance by 25 millimeters.

For the interior of the crossover, the tuners have provided original floor mats, door sills and metal pedals.

Hamann BMW X6 2021. 

BMW X6 2021.

The 2021 BMW X6: a premium cross-coupe with solid off-road potential.
The German concern BMW has successfully completed the presentation of a new version of the cross-coupe — the BMW X6 2021, which combines in its design the off-road potential, which is nominal for its class, with the advantages of a coupe body layout.

The new model, declared in premium status, retained its recognizable appearance, the restyling had a greater impact on the modernization of technical and electronic equipment, improvement of running and off-road characteristics.


The modernized «six» of the X series demonstrates increased dimensions, the advantages of an improved platform, a number of successfully implemented technical and design solutions.

The external appearance of the cross-coupe is dynamic and stylish in all respects, although somewhat brutal and aggressive.

In the photo from a full-face perspective, the new BMW X6 body of the 2021 model looks the most bright and presentable. In the spotlight:

• sporty longitudinal reliefs of the bonnet;

• branded configuration decorated with vertical slats and original illumination of the radiator cladding;

• wedge-shaped blocks of LED head optics supplemented with decorative chrome plating and curly running lights.

Hamann BMW X6 2021. 

The frontal view of the body is effectively complemented by the embossed stepped perimeter of the lower large-format air intake and the sports-racing format of the side diffusers equipped with fog lights.

The large amount of chrome is harmoniously combined with the numerous elements of the ribbed bodywork.

The design of the sidewalls of the body is as elegant and expressive as the design of the frontal plane. In stock:

• a sloping roof line that falls to the trunk, which is typical for cars of the same type in the body of an SUV coupe;

• arched type configuration of side three-section glazing with glossy black pillars;

• Wedge-shaped mirrors with integrated turn signals, as well as dynamic stepped reliefs focused on doors and square contours.

The energetic format of the sidewalls of the case successfully integrates the five-lobe design of the branded 18-inch wheels.

The combined, crossover-compartment style is clearly visible in the aft layout of the new version of the BMW X6 2021. In the rear projection, the cross-coupe demonstrates:

• steep angle of inclination of large-format rear window glazing;

• vertical edge decorated with brand symbols, transverse reliefs and silvery nameplates for the tailgate;

• a massive plastic body kit complemented by a protective panel and two sports tailpipes.

The off-road status of the novelty of the branded range is directly indicated by the increased ground clearance, short overhangs and impressive volumes of wheel arches.

Hamann BMW X6 2021. 


In the asset of the strict and functional interior design of the «six» of the X series: premium quality materials of the finishing and decorative assortment, genuine leather, elastic plastic, decorative accents from precious woods and polished aluminum-composite inserts.

The basic configuration of the cross-coupe includes modern electronic and technical equipment, carefully designed ergonomics and the layout of five seats.

The upper spokeless sector of the multifunction steering wheel provides a nominal view of the combining function of the instrument cluster and information display of the 12-inch digital display.

• Activation and configuration of most of the standard options is made by the command buttons of the multifunction steering wheel and the touch screen of the 12-inch command-media display of the center console.

• The rest of the command functionality is focused on analog switches and ground controls.

The basic configuration of the low tunnel, tinted with silver sidewalls, contains a compact joystick for transmission control, a travel mode washer, a premium set of organizers and a soft armrest with a built-in refrigerating chamber volume.

The boarding and road service for the first row pilot seats includes full lateral support parts, an extended list of operational adjustments, performance-adjustable ventilation and seat heating circuits.

The ergonomic and superbly profiled sofa offers air vents, a fold-down armrest and plenty of personal space for each of the three passengers. Due to the simple stowage of the rear seats and backs, the useful volume of the very spacious 560-liter luggage compartment is quickly increased to 1530 liters.

Hamann BMW X6 2021. 


The upgrade has identified itself with an increase in body dimensions in the ratios of 4935 x 2004 and 1696 mm. The height of the clearance of the model with the link suspension is 216 mm, in the version with the pneumatic analogue, the indicator varies in the range with the air suspension 176-256 mm.

The third generation cross-coupe has undeniable layout and operational advantages:

• CLAR platforms;

• electromechanical power steering;

• fully steerable undercarriage with a steering wheelset of the rear axle.

The motor brand range offers several gasoline and diesel power units, ranging from 3 to 4.4 liters, with a power output from 249 to 530 hp, working in conjunction with an 8-range all-wheel drive ZF automatic transmission.

The test drive confirmed the declared traction and consumption characteristics of each tandem, compliance with the current Euro environmental standards.

Options and prices

In our market, the new BMW X6 2021 in various modifications can be bought at a cost of 5.4 to 6.8 million rubles. The price is formed taking into account the properties of additional options.

Sales start in Russia

With a high degree of probability, the release date in Russia will be known at the start of the second half of 2021.


The new BMW X6 of the 2021 model year has strong prerequisites for multidisciplinary competition with premium analogues of the world’s leading brands such as Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Volvo XC90, Cross Sportback Audi e-tron, Audi Q8 and their modifications.

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