Haval Beast 2022.

Haval Beast 2022.

Haval Beast 2022.

The new Haval Monster crossover is entering the market with a more fuel-efficient engine: the sales start date has been announced.

Haval Beast 2022 crossover, also known as Monster, in hybrid version will be available for purchase on June 18.

Stylistically it repeats already presented fuel version. In terms of technical capabilities, a hybrid based on a 1.5-liter engine is responsible for the performance of the cross.

An electric motor functions in tandem with it. Installation differs economical, consuming 5,5 liters per 100 kilometers of way.

In the exterior except that the inscription «DHT» has appeared, which complements the name of the model Haval Beast on the tail end of the car.

There are some features in the design that make the Beast unlike the traditional parkettes.

It has a more sporty coupe-like crossover style. The look features sharply defined edges and decorative stripes in orange.

Haval Beast 2022.

The door handles are presented with a retractable mechanism. There are Y-shaped taillights on the stern, which adds to the originality of the car. Also in this part you can note the enlarged double spoiler.

The interior looks quite simple. The central console has an asymmetrical design.

The 14.6-inch media system display is deployed for convenience towards the driver. «Dashboard» is represented by a full-featured 12.3-inch LCD.

The functionality of the car is controlled by 80% through the head unit, as there are almost no physical buttons.

Haval Beast 2022.

The hybrid unit is based on a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

Thermal efficiency is 38%. The unit provides up to 154 hp of cranking power. The torque is 233 Nm.

The output of the electric motor was 94 hp. Combined, the power plant output reaches 244 «horsepower» with 530 Nm of torque. Exercise of acceleration up to the first «hundred» is executed for 7,7 seconds.

As a whole, almost everything is known about the new «Beast» (exactly so the name of the crossover is translated — Beast).

Haval Beast 2022.

The novelty is developed on the basis of L.E.M.O.N. architecture, which was created by Chinese company during the release of Jolion crossover.

The exterior of the new Haval Beast is quite original. In the front part of the car stands out a very large grille, visually united in a single unit with the headlights.

Also the crossover has received modern retractable exterior door handles, a fairly large double spoiler, and bright decorative inserts on the body.

As for dimensions of the new items, its body size is 4780x1890x1675 mm, and the distance between the axles is 2800 mm.

Haval Beast 2022.

The power capabilities of the car will not differ with variability. For all available modifications the developer offers a hybrid unit, where the basis will be a 1.5-liter turbo engine.

Together with it an electric unit will be involved, the return of which is equal to 246 horsepower. As a transmission only a «robot» is available to buyers.

At the same time, customers can choose a crossover with all-wheel drive system.

It is reported that the price of the new Haval Beast on the territory of China will start at a value of 130 thousand yuan, which is approximately comparable to the amount of 1.5 million rubles.

Nothing is known about the exact timing of the debut of the novelty on the Russian market.


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