Haval Cool Dog 2022.

Haval Cool Dog 2022.

Haval Cool Dog 2022.

All you need to know about the new Haval Cool Dog 2022 crossover.

Back at the end of winter, it became known that the lineup of the Chinese brand will add a new crossover Haval Cool Dog 2022.

This car will be almost a full analogue of the Big Dog, except for a number of features. In particular, the Cool Dog will be more focused on the youth segment of the market.

This crossover is now almost completely declassified.
But some details still raise questions. In particular, it is not known exactly what will be the appearance of the interior.

Thus, previously published photos show that the interior will place three displays.

One of them will replace the standard dashboard, and the other two will be combined with touch screen controls. Exactly their form, apparently, has not been approved.

The fact that in one picture both screens are shown as a single unit, which near the passenger door has a beveled top.

Haval Cool Dog 2022.

This configuration is due to the fact that the air deflector is located in this place.

In the other photo, the screen does not reach as close to the passenger door.

Moreover, there is one photo, where you can see that inside the Cool Dog there is one monitor, which is of large size.

Perhaps this is the configuration envisioned for the initial versions of the crossover.

The rest of the interior will probably not be changed before the crossover hits the market.

Haval Cool Dog 2022.

A wide transmission tunnel with a non-standard gearbox lever is prepared for the Chinese novelty.

It is both compact and massive. Next to it, you can see a wide panel, which is probably intended for inductive charging of gadgets.

The steering wheel of the Cool Dog is standard for all the «Dog series»: a similar one is used on the Big Dog.

Orientation on a youth market segment of the Chinese novelty emphasizes the fact that it will be offered in a body with an expanded palette of shades.

And all colors of the crossover are very bright. Officially Haval has not disclosed details of its new items.

Haval Cool Dog 2022.

But considering «affinity» of the model to the Big Dog, we can assume that both cars will be similar technically and according to a list of available equipment.

That is, Cool Dog will get an extensive list of driving assistants, several cameras (including one to monitor the condition of the motorist and face recognition, and the second one placed under the bottom — to monitor the road surface), adaptive cruise control with the function of speed control and other systems.

The similarities between the two cars are highlighted by the L.E.M.O.N platform on which they are based.

According to data released by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Cool Dog stretches 4,520 mm in length, 1,875 mm in width and 1,745 mm in height. The distance between the wheels it reaches 2710 mm.

That is the Cool Dog in all modifications will be a five-seater crossover.

Under a hood it will have standard for Haval 184 hp turbocharged 1,5 liters engine, which combines with a 7-speed «robot» with «wet» clutch.

Haval Cool Dog 2022.

The Cool Dog Hybrid, whose specs have yet to be revealed, should go on sale at a later date.

A complete set with a novelty can offer all-wheel drive. However, its features are also not known.

Perhaps the all-wheel drive for Cool Dog will be borrowed from the Big Dog. In this case it will provide high off-road ability due to its ability to adapt to the peculiarities of the terrain.

It is reported that the official presentation of the new Cool Dog is scheduled for June 23rd.

According to rumors, the crossover will go on sale in exactly one month. But some sources insist on a later date.

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