Haval DaGou 2021.

Haval DaGou 2021.

Haval DaGou 2021.

Haval DaGou 2021: a crossover with a brutal design and off-road hinges.
At the motor show in the Chinese city of Chengdu, the successful premiere of the full-size crossover Haval DaGou 2021 took place.

The novelty attracted the attention of the body layout typical of SUVs, rich technical and electronic equipment, and a wide range of design and construction developments.

The show model is characterized by front- or all-wheel drive in the top-end versions, copied from the off-road «seven» bogie with a transverse engine and combined chassis suspension.


In the photo from different angles, the new model demonstrates the features of the brutal style typical of prestigious all-terrain vehicles. In the design of the front side of the body, attention is drawn to the ribbed sidewalls of the slightly sloping bonnet, the chrome-plated transverse slats of the large-format grille and the round LED headlights deeply recessed into the body.

Haval DaGou 2021.

The structural properties of the lower segment of the massive front end include the rounded sidewalls of the protruding bumper, the license plate area and the compact fog lamps located in the ventilation diffusers.

The arrangement is completed by a protective plastic body kit.

The new body looks no less impressive from the side view. In the spotlight:

• practically flat roof supplemented with roof rails;

• striking contrast of chrome-plated perimeter and black high-gloss trim of three-piece side glazing;

• rectangular mirrors equipped with turning lights and massive door handles painted in the body color.

In line with off-road status, Haval DaGou 2021 showcases protective plastic liners for roomy arches, side skirts and a static step. The ambience is complemented by the multi-spoke design of reinforced 19-inch alloy wheels.

Haval DaGou 2021.

The design of the stern is dominated by the details of the classic crossover layout. In stock:

• compact rear window spoiler;

• large format of the tailgate, supplemented with brand symbols, nameplates and a platform for the license plate;

• a protruding array of a wide bumper equipped with fog lights, diffusers and a protective panel.

The vertical lanterns, original in configuration and graphics, are designed in the same style as the novelty. According to visitors and organizers of the motor show, the combination of off-road classics and modern design solutions of the new crossover will help plan the next restyling at a later date.


Practicality and functionality dominate in the design of the internal five-seat volume of the crossover. The finishing and decorative assortment includes high-quality fabrics and leatherette, complemented by bright decorative accents, chrome plating and durable facing plastic.

In terms of functional capabilities of technical and electronic equipment, the new product is not inferior to European and Asian counterparts of a higher price category.

Haval DaGou 2021.

• The design of the multifunction steering wheel provides a comfortable grip, activation of the most requested options with command buttons and a full view of the virtual dashboard.

• The front panel includes a 12-inch media command monitor, vertical deflectors and a control panel for onboard technical and electronic equipment.

• The construction of the tunnel offers a small niche for small luggage, a washer for switching six operating modes, an extended set of organizers, including the volume of the refrigerator compartment located under the armrest.

The service of the front perfectly profiled and ergonomic seats is typical: lateral support, several adjustment ranges, as well as heating and ventilation. The rear sofa seats for three seats are available with a backrest tilt function, additional deflectors and a folding armrest.

The body structure suggests the possibility of a significant increase in the volume of the luggage compartment due to the partial dismantling of the second row seats. Boot and other characteristics will be announced after the completion of comprehensive test checks.


The external dimensions of the off-road crossover, edited in proportional ratios of 4620 x 1890 and 1780 mm, are adapted to the structural properties of the universal modular platform. The parameters of the running gear are 2738 mm center distance and 195 mm ground clearance.

Haval DaGou 2021.

The chassis is equipped with disc brakes, stabilizers, active safety systems and reinforced 19-inch wheels equipped with wide-profile tires.

• At the initial stage, the front-wheel drive version of the Haval DaGou model of 2021 will receive a modest power tandem from a 1.5-liter internal combustion engine with an output of 169 hp. and a robotic 9-band transmission with paddle shifter and two clutches.

• In the top-wheel drive version, the engine capacity will be increased to two liters, and the power output will be up to 245 hp.
The test drive of both models is already at the completion stage, its results will be known in the near future.

Options and prices

According to preliminary information, the price of the base and top-end crossover in ruble equivalent will be announced in the range of 1.4-1.5 million. The manufacturer also promises to expand the list of additional functional and comfort-forming paid options.

Sales start in Russia

Initially, the new 2021 Haval DaGou is focused on the demands of the domestic Chinese market. The release date set for the beginning of 2021 in Russia has not received official confirmation.

Competing models

In its price range, the new crossover intends to compete with the already well-known counterparts of other brands in a class not lower than Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV4 or Mitsubishi Outlander.

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