Haval F7 2021.

Haval F7 2021.

Haval F7 2021.

Haval F7 after running 15,000 km: disadvantages of operation Back in October 1919, the Chinese crossover Haval F7 got into the editorial office of Za Rulem.

All this time, the journalists actively exploited the car, and now they presented to the public some kind of results, noting the main shortcomings of the car after 15,000 km.

Powerful yet voracious engine

The Hawal F7 with a 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine fell into the hands of journalists. The experts of the portal noted that this unit provides the crossover with good dynamics, but it cannot be called economical.

So, 2/3 of the mentioned 15,000 km of run, the car drove along the highway, while on the board computer its mixed consumption was at the level of 11.5 l / 100 km.

In the city, the appetites of the crossover often reached 15 liters or more.

Most of the time, the car was fueled with AI-92 gasoline, however, as an experiment, they tried the «ninety-fifth», as they saw comments on the owners forum about the fact that when using fuel with a higher octane number, consumption decreases.

Haval F7 2021.

However, the experts did not notice any difference in terms of consumption or dynamics.

At the same time, the Chinese themselves advise to fill in the AI-95, however, the use of the AI-92 is not prohibited. If you follow their recommendations, then you can completely forget about any savings.

Thoughtful «electronics»

The Chinese crossover relies on an uncontested seven-band robot developed by a group of European specialists under the leadership of Gerhard Henning, who had previously worked at Daimler and Volkswagen.

This box also has certain claims. So, she shifts gears at least smoothly, but at the same time noticeably lags behind in situations where you need to quickly tuck a lower gear or just get under way.

If it is necessary to turn on the back, then the box is completely thoughtful. All this leaves a certain imprint on the operation process.

Sluggishness is also characteristic of the all-wheel drive system, which uses a Borgwarner clutch to connect the rear wheels.

Haval F7 2021.

The journalists noted that the hardware itself is what is needed here, but the Chinese are too clever with the control electronics.

In the event of a slip, the system again thinks for a long time, calculating how much traction to transfer to the rear axle.

Then she abruptly closes the clutch, which causes a strong kick. But in all-wheel drive mode, the electronics work almost perfectly, correctly redistributing the torque along the axes.

Spacious but low cabin

The Haval F7 boasts an attractive and well-assembled interior, which is also quite spacious.

Due to a wide sofa, a flat floor and a sufficient supply of free space in the legs, the second row can easily accommodate three adult passengers, but provided that their height is no more than 180 cm (otherwise there is a risk of resting their head against the ceiling).

Haval F7 2021.

By the way, the ceiling of the «Chinese» is not at all low — the floor just turned out to be high. In terms of the interior height of the cabin, the crossover from the Middle Kingdom loses to almost all classmates.

Large, but not capacious trunk

However, primarily due to the high floor, the trunk of the F7 suffered. According to the data sheet, the volume of the latter is quite solid 723 liters, however, it is sometimes more problematic to put things in the cargo compartment of the model than in the trunks of much more compact crossovers.

You can completely forget about transportation of bulky items (for example, a baby carriage). The large loading height and narrow opening make loading the trunk not very convenient.

Another drawback is the delicate plastic of the compartment, which can be easily scratched even in the most harmless situation.

In addition, to close the fifth door here you have to apply a noticeable effort, while the electric boot is not required even for the top version of «Tech Plus».

Haval F7 2021.

However, the Haval F7 trunk has obvious advantages. For example, with the rear row seats folded out, the problem with roominess disappears, and a pair of adult bicycles or a medium-sized refrigerator (up to 1.8 meters in height) may well fit in the «hold» of the crossover.

With the backrest of the front passenger seat lowered, narrow three-meter lengths can be carried in the cabin at all.

The equipment could have been richer

Prices for the new Haval F7 start at 1.5 million and go up to 2.0 million rubles. It would seem that for this money the equipment of the car should be at the level, but the model presents a number of unpleasant surprises.

In addition to the aforementioned lack of an electric trunk drive, the crossover from the Middle Kingdom has only one-zone climate control, and its windshield is heated exclusively in the wipers’ rest zone, although heating of the front and rear seats, steering wheel and side mirrors is available here.

In addition, the manufacturer saved on the rear-view camera, which displays the picture with a clear delay.

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