Haval H2 2022.

Haval H2 2022.

Haval H2 2022.

Haval H2 2022. For quite some time now, compact urban parkettes have been in vogue, so it should not be surprising that in this class unfolded a real fierce struggle for each potential buyer.

This segment of the market is saturated with numerous options, and yet, one among them more stands out.

We are talking about the Haval H2 2022, which can now be found on sale on the secondary market in Russia or in China.

The model is a direct competitor for Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Volkswagen Taos and Mazda CX-30.

On sale, you can find the car in several basic configurations with a price tag of 848,000 — 1,224,000 rubles for the Elite and Lux generations respectively in local currency translation.

Technical Specifications

«Chinese» Khaval H2 2022 can be found on sale in interesting packages and with an affordable price, however, most of all, this model will be able to please its future owner with technical characteristics and appearance (to evaluate the design of the car will be possible on the photo, attached to the article).

It is worth noting that the main parameters of the cross in the new body are somewhat different depending on which modification was chosen.

Haval H2 2022.

At the moment, the cross is equipped only with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 150 horsepower and 210 N*m of torque.

This installation is quite enough for the car to boast of good dynamics. The motor can be paired with a classic six-speed «manual» or with a seven-band «robot».

On sale, you can find both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variations.

The main advantage of the car is its moderate fuel consumption. On average, for every 100 kilometers in the mixed cycle «Chinese» will spend about 7.0 — 9.0 liters of fuel.

Consumption is noticeably higher in all-wheel drive modifications. To fill 42-liter tank by default will have to gasoline AI-95 or fuel with a higher octane number.

Haval H2 2022.

It is noteworthy that in the first generation in terms of harmful emissions this car meets the requirements of environmental standard Euro-5.

Five-seat compact crossover has standard dimensions for its market segment. This car reaches 4,335 mm in length, 1,814 mm in width and 1,695 mm in height.

The model has a standard wheelbase of 2 560 mm and ground clearance of 184 mm, both in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions.

Curb weight is 1 570 — 1 650 kg, depending on the type of drive. The SUV has an average volume of 300 liters of luggage.

Options and prices

Parketnik from the Celestial Empire can be found on sale in several generations, including the most affordable Elite version and the most expensive Lux modification.

Haval H2 2022.

Moreover, such a confluence of circumstances could be observed from the very beginning, as soon as the first production samples were in the dealer centers.

The price tag for the model ranges from 848,000 to 1,224,000 rubles. Going between versions the equipment of the car changes not so noticeably, so, pay attention to the «base», as well as the maximum configuration.


Traditionally, this Chinese car has a bright and memorable design. The technical side of the crossover is not so memorable as the exterior and interior.

In this respect, the crossover has definitely surpassed a number of «classmates».

Abundance of chrome on the front part specifies the serious status of the parkette, and does not correspond to the budgetary price.

Haval H2 2022.

In front there are massive headlights that emphasize brutality of a small car.

Interior of the «Chinese» is made with an idea for the future. Hi-tech elements and non-standard approach to the layout prevail here.

Bright decorative inserts complement the style, but some motorists will find them inappropriate.


Despite its budget cost, the parkette can be called a direct competitor for:

Mazda CX-30;
Hyundai Creta;
Kia Seltos;
Volkswagen Taos.

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