Haval H6S 2021.

Haval H6S 2021.

Haval H6S 2021.

Great Wall company continues to aggressively capture the world markets.

At the beginning of September the manufacturer unveiled several new models at the Munich Motor Show, which are later due to arrive in Europe.

A few weeks after that it became known that Great Wall is considering buying a car plant located in Spain. The company does not forget about Russia.

Great Wall has recently registered in Rospatent the rights for two brands: Ora and Aure. The first brand is now used in the production of electric cars.

The registration of the trademarks indirectly indicates that later electric Ora models may appear on the Russian market.

Moreover, we can not exclude that next year in our country will come a brand new crossover Haval H6S, which recently went on sale in China.

This model is distinguished by a coupe body with sports design.

In front it has unusual for Haval and very unusual radiator grille, from which move out thin headlights.

Located below the bumper contains a large trapezoidal air intake, which is framed by wide triangle-shaped vents on the sides.

Haval H6S 2021.

The rear end of the Haval H6S is completed with two spoilers, which emphasize the sports orientation of the Chinese model.

The new crossover is also notable for its technological performance.

Haval H6S offers the buyers technology of facial recognition, which at the same time monitors the status of the driver and takes control of the car if necessary.

The crossover is also offered with a digital dashboard, a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a projection display.

Optionally, the interior of Haval H6S can be equipped with seats covered with Alcantara, and interior details are decorated with carbon fiber inserts.

Haval H6S 2021.

Standard Chinese novelty is equipped with supercharged 2-liter engine, claimed power of 211 hp with a tractive torque of 325 N*m.

This engine is combined with a 7-speed «robot». For extra money buyers of Haval H6S can choose a hybrid unit, the basis of which is a 1.5-liter turbo engine, completed with two electric motors.

The total output of these units reaches 243 hp with a thrust of 530 N*m. Also with Haval H6S all-wheel drive is offered for a fee.

Despite such technological equipment, the Chinese novelty is on sale at the price equivalent to 1,56 million rubles. For the top version of the crossover ask only 1.85 million rubles.

Haval H6S 2021.

According to rumors, another novelty of the Chinese brand may arrive in Russia.

It is about the recently debuted crossover Haval X Dog. This model stands out against the other products of the Chinese brand because its cabin has seven displays at once.

Two of them occupy the standard position: the place of the dashboard and the center console. The third display is placed on the transmission tunnel.

It is designed to control the climate equipment. Another screen is integrated into the steering wheel, and two compact monitors, moved out to the side doors, broadcast the picture from the rear view cameras.

Haval H6S 2021.

It is known that the Haval X Dog will be equipped with supercharged engines of 1,5 and 2 liters.

The first unit also will form the basis of a hybrid unit, which should get Chinese novelty. terms of Haval X Dog release as well as its exact prices haven’t been announced yet.

But judging by the fact that the car has already been revealed in the production version, the start of sales will take place in the next few months.

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