Haval Jolion 2022.

Haval Jolion 2022.

Haval Jolion 2022.

Haval Jolion 2022. Chinese brand Haval cars have proved themselves in the Russian market, so it is not surprising that the lineup of this company is rapidly expanding.

Not so long ago in the Russian car market the premiere of the new crossover Haval Jolion 2022, which is known in China as Haval First Love.

Now this crossover is available in Russia in three configurations with a price tag from 1,189,000 rubles for the Comfort version to 1,679,000 rubles for the all-wheel drive Premium modification.

The crossover is a serious competitor for the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5 and Volkswagen Tiguan.

Technical Specifications

In order to fully evaluate the Haval Jolion 2022 crossover, presented in Russia in the new body, pay attention not only to the configuration and prices, in this case it is necessary to consider all key aspects of the model, including design, equipment and other indicators, including technical characteristics.

It is worth noting that basically, according to all indicators, the car can be called a standard modern crossover, which does not stand out much against the background of competitors, but if you pay attention to the exterior, it becomes clear that this is already something more interesting.

You can evaluate the design of the car by photo or visual review of the crossover.

Haval Jolion 2022.

The Chinese crossover presented in the Russian automobile market has received two different power units. This crossover is put on such units as:

A 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 143 hp and 210 N*m of torque;
1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 150 hp and 230 N*m of torque.

The weaker engine is used for front-wheel drive versions, and the stronger one for all-wheel drive versions.

Haval Jolion 2022.

The car is equipped with a 6-speed «mechanics» or a 7-band «robot». This crossover boasts the following dimensions:

length — 4 472 mm;
Width — 1 841 mm;
height — 1 574 mm;
wheelbase — 2 700 mm;
ground clearance — 190 mm;
curb weight — 1 445/1 625 kg.

It is worth noting that in this case we are talking about five-seater crossover with a spacious trunk of 1 133 liters, the fuel tank holds 55 liters of fuel (gasoline AI-92).

The crossover boasts good dynamics and a top speed of 185 km/h.

Haval Jolion 2022.

Options and prices

As previously stated, now on the Russian car market this model is sold in three basic configurations Comfort, Elite and Premium. Prices for the car range from 1,189,000 to 1,679,000 rubles.


It would be difficult not to agree with the assertion that the appearance is the strongest side of the new Chinese crossover.

The Haval Jolion looks stylish and attractive not only from the front, but all around.

Haval Jolion 2022.

The manufacturer has provided the use of non-standard geometry for some of the body elements, which allowed making a really stylish and spectacular crossover, which is most focused on the young part of the car enthusiasts.

Most of all, the attention is attracted by the unusual optics of the car. This applies to the rear lights with an unusual shape, as well as the front LEDs, which are positioned vertically.

If you pay attention to the layout of the interior of this model, it will be difficult to be surprised if the motorist has already encountered cars brand Haval.

The interior is still made in a practical and minimalist style with a competent arrangement of key controls.

Inside the car there are not many elements of luxury, but provides a competent introduction of high-tech components.

The interior is made mainly in dark shades, which once again indicates that the crossover belongs to the budget segment of the market.

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