Haval Shenshou 2022.

Haval Shenshou 2022.

Haval Shenshou 2022.

Haval Shenshou 2022 is the new flagship cross-coupe for ambitious drivers.
Since recently, the popularity of mid-size crossovers has been on the rise, which cannot but be taken advantage of by any car manufacturer.

On the account of many already several varieties of cross-coupe, which can not yet be said about the Chinese car industry.

There are enough full-size crossovers in any market and such transport has been produced for a long time, but we want something new.

Perhaps the Chinese company Great Wall Motors will manage to meet expectations of the majority of buyers, having presented the new model of 2022 under the name Haval Shenshou.

The new model is designed for the younger generation of drivers, full of ambition, who prefer not only external appearance — they, above all, value practicality.

The harmony between price and quality should ensure the model’s high ratings in its segment. And both at home and far abroad.


In translation from Chinese the name of the model is «beast», which is already evident from the appearance of the car. The local motorists most likely have not seen such «mythical beast» yet.

Haval Shenshou 2022.

Thus, already on photos it is possible to understand that it is not some pre-production prototype, but the automobile ready for serial production. Including the restyling of the current model Havaile.

This is the original and self-sufficient version of the crossover with the potential implementation of design solutions in the future.

The front of the car turned out to be wide with futuristic notes, and it is set high. The windshield has a rather strong slope, which at first glance makes it big, but it only seems so.

The cover of the engine compartment has a fluted shape, and closer to the grille smooths out smoothly.

The headlights are made in the form of narrow strips, which are connected by a silver crosspiece of the same thickness. This is a kind of upper trim of the radiator grille.

The grille itself is presented in the original design — a series of horizontal chrome strips of different lengths, which will create volume.

At the same time, the engineers placed two narrow horizontal strips of running lights with LED stuffing on the left and right.

Haval Shenshou 2022.

There is a place for the license plate just above the middle. The image is completed by a muscular bodykit with a trapezoidal air intake made of black plastic and triangular relief chisels.

A bright horizontal line runs along the lower part of the body perimeter.

From the profile the car appears as a brutal, sporty and predatory beast, which justifies the name.

The rounded roof is highlighted by a trapezoidal window line with wide black pillars. The wheel arches are also in turn trimmed with black plastic elements.

Other details are also noteworthy:

The door handles are made retractable;
large side mirrors are placed on thin legs;
the original realization of the five-spoke wheels;
horizontal edges above the sill.

The stern is distinguished by an aggressive execution. At the very top is a compact antenna fin, a little lower is a spoiler with a duplication of the brake light in the center. Then there is a glass with a slight slope.

The main part of the tailgate divides the lights into two sections and one of them is in the form of a capital Latin letter Y, and in the center is HAVAL inscription in large print. Below is the original license plate trim.

The rear bodykit, as well as the front one, looks massive and is made of two parts:

The first (top) is the same color as the body and also contains some parking radars.

Haval Shenshou 2022.

The second (bottom) is unpainted plastic with fog lights, and at the very bottom the exhaust pipes look out (two on each side).

As the attentive car enthusiast can notice, the overall design of the Xaval has similar outlines to the latest cars from the Hyundai concern.

Interior and equipment Haval Shenshou 2022.

Much more curious developers have presented the interior of the new cross-coupe. However, if everything is already known about the exterior appearance, because the car does not hide the camouflage, there is still little information about the interior.

Except that the manufacturer positions the novelty as a flagship version of the medium-sized crossover.

Releasing cars, Haval specialists have succeeded in realization of design. The control panel looks modern — just look at the main screen, divided into two parts of different sizes:

The 12.3-inch display is a digital dashboard.
The 14.6-inch multimedia screen.

Transmission mode controls have now been moved to the steering wheel. This is indicated by the configuration of the central tunnel, where there is no usual lever or puck to control the transmission.

There are only cupholders, and you can also see a pad for wireless induction charging of smartphones.

But since this is the future flagship, you can safely count on the equipment, as in the latest model Haval H9.

Haval Shenshou 2022.

This is a modern multimedia system and comfortable seats. The trim materials are expected to use plastic, leather, alcantara, including metal inserts.

At least it is planned to get rid of physical buttons, keys, and instead of them the controls will be of touch-type. The manufacturer plans to create both five-seat and seven-seat crossovers.

Technical characteristics

Under the hood is the same unit that is in Haval Chitu («red rabbit»). This is a four-cylinder turbocharged 1.5 liter engine, which is able to develop 184 hp and produce 275 Nm of torque.

The engine is paired with a seven-speed robotized transmission. That is, there is no choice as such. However, the torque can be transmitted only on the front axle or all four wheels.

Somewhat later, a hybrid unit will appear and already in three versions:

1.5 L and DHT100 with 190 to 231 hp.
1.5 T and DHT130 with 245-326 hp.
1.5 T, DHT130, P4 — 435 hp.

Haval Shenshou 2022 model year is based on its own platform Great Wall Lemon, allowing you to put not only gasoline, but also hybrid power plant.

Dimensions of the flagship version

Length (mm) 4 780
Width (mm) 1 890
Height (mm) 1 675
Wheelbase (mm) 2 800

It will be used in the production of other models of Haval and WEY, including Jolion for Russian buyers.

Haval Shenshou 2022.


Of the potential competitors we can highlight these representatives:

KIA Sorento
Hyundai Santa Fe
Mazda CX-5
Geely KX11
Nissan Ariya

Time will show what buyers will choose. If you’re lucky, the novelty will be very popular, but what the manufacturer hopes.

Release date and prices

At the moment there is no information about the cost of the new «beast», as well as it is unknown what options will be available. But most likely it will be the most expensive crossover.

In Celestial Empire the novelty is planned to bring to local markets in the year’s race. On the territory of Russia Shenshou should expect later for about 6 months — tentatively in the spring of 2022.

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