Honda Accord 2021.

Honda Accord 2021.

Honda Accord 2021.

Honda Accord 2021: planned model update.
On October 13, sales of the updated Honda Accord sedan of the 2021 model year will start in the US market. This is a modernized version of the 10th generation car that came out about three years ago.

Recently, the demand for a four-door in the United States has dropped somewhat, so the manufacturer will decide to improve the car on a spot by adjusting the design, equipment and technology.

After the planned restyling, the model has risen in price by $ 500 and now costs at least $ 24,770 (1.91 million rubles). Prices for the 2021 Hybrid Accord with a 215-horsepower unit start at $ 26,370 (RUB 2.04 million).

Changes in appearance

Outside, there are very few improvements. The radiator grille has become a little wider, and the revised bumper has acquired other fog light sections.

Honda Accord 2021.

The headlights have retained the same design, however, in the «older» trim levels, optics with a wider and brighter beam have been introduced. The range of alloy wheels was also revised, and in addition to this, the color Sonic Gray Pearl was added to the palette of body enamels.

The Hybrid Accord differs from conventional versions with a blue ‘H’ on the grille and Hybrid badges on the front fenders and boot lid. The Sport and Sport SE versions, in turn, are distinguished by a spoiler, LED foglights, dark chrome false radiator trim and 19-inch wheels of a special design.

Salon and equipment

The equipment of the model has improved as a result of the modernization. The base equipment of the 2021 Honda Accord includes a Display Audio multimedia system with an 8-inch touchscreen and support for Apple CarPlay / Android Auto protocols.

Honda Accord 2021.

Expensive versions of the sedan rely on wireless integration of gadgets, while the rear passengers get two additional USB ports.
For the Accord 1.5T variant, a new Sport SE package has been prepared, replacing the EX version.

It provides for leather seat upholstery, heated front seats, electric driver and front passenger seat adjustment (12 and 4-position, respectively), Smart Entry function and remote engine start.

Finally, the restyling of 2021 brought innovations in the area of ​​assisted electronics. So, without exception, all Chords are now equipped with Rear Seatbelt Reminder and Rear Seat Reminder systems.

Honda Accord 2021.

The first informs the driver about unfastened rear passengers, the second reminds of forgotten children, pets or things. The Accord Touring and Hybrid Touring versions, in addition to the standard assistants, receive the new Low Speed ​​Braking Control parking assist system.

It detects interference when driving at low speeds by issuing a warning signal or initiating braking. Well, the functionality of the adaptive cruise control and the lane tracking complex has also been improved — both systems now work more smoothly and accurately, without sharp adjustments.

Honda Accord 2021.

Specifications Honda Accord 2021

The motor range of the Accord has remained the same. Unless the software that controls the powertrains has been revised. The initial engine is a 1.5-liter «turbo four» with 195 hp. and 260 Nm.

She is accompanied by a variator. Next comes the hybrid setup, which combines a 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine and an electric motor. The output here is 215 hp. and 315 Nm.

At the top of the line is a 2.0 liter turbo unit generating 255 hp. and 370 Nm. It works in conjunction with a 10-speed «automatic». All modifications are front-wheel drive.

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