Honda Civic 11 — 2022.

Honda Civic 11 - 2022.

Honda Civic 11 — 2022.

Honda Civic 11 — 2022. The 2022 11th-generation Honda Civic goes on sale next spring and will look almost identical to that prototype.

It seems like it was only yesterday that Honda unveiled the controversially styled 10th generation Civic, but it was actually just over five years ago.

And in recent years, Honda has kicked off industry trends, moving towards shorter, typically five-year upgrade life cycles for its vehicles. If you’ve got your calculator out, it means it’s time for a new Civic.

Meet the 11th generation Civic sedan.

What you see here is actually just a prototype, but the production Civic will look mostly identical when it debuts next year.

(In fact, we know it will look like this because the Civic’s patent images were leaked earlier this fall.)

Both sedan and hatchback will still be available, but the coupe is dead.

Honda says the new Civic rides on a modified platform of the current car, and while it looks a lot longer and wider, overall it’s only slightly longer and the wheelbase is about an inch longer.

Honda Civic 11 - 2022.

New body of Honda Civic 11-generation

Unlike the outdated model, the design of the new Civic is about creating something simple and clean, with a “thin and light” body and a spacious interior.

All in all it looks like a mini Accord and after I personally saw the prototype I think it is definitely a success.

The proportions are great, with the stance reclined, shorter overhangs, and a more traditional sedan look.

The biggest change from the current Honda Civic is the apparent absence of excessive bulges and sharp body lines, especially on the sides of the car.

Honda Civic 11 - 2022.

The new Civic has one main, nearly horizontal line that runs from the headlights to the taillights, with a second ascending line below between the wheels — that’s all.

No rounded wings, no extra folds, nothing more.

For those who think the 10th generation is a little crazy, this new Civic should be a breath of fresh air.

Slim LED lights that flow into a thin grille help convey a sense of breadth, and there are no more chrome unique eyebrows above the grille.

There is a large lower air intake grille, but the dividing fake air vents in the bumper are gone and replaced with smaller fanged air intakes.

There are large taillights in the rear that are more traditional than the current Civic’s clawed headlights, a much simpler trunk lid with a small integrated spoiler, and no fake air vents either.

Honda Civic 11 - 2022.

The 19-inch wheels, high-gloss black accents and twin exhaust tips on this prototype will not be fitted on the base Civic and are expected to be used on the sports model.

Fresh salon Honda Civic 11 — 2022.

Honda has revealed few interior designs without details, but it looks much cleaner and more premium than the existing car.

A slim vent extends the full width of the dashboard, with a 9-inch touchscreen (with mechanical volume knob!) Taller.

There are physical knobs and buttons for things like climate control, but otherwise the dashboard and center console are pretty uncluttered.

For the first time on a Civic, a digital driver’s instrument cluster will be offered and the center touchscreen has been enlarged.

No powertrain details have been announced yet, but the engines should pretty much carry over from the current model.

Honda Civic 11 - 2022.

The sedan will be the first debut version of the Civic, slated to launch in the spring of 2021. The hatchback is coming soon, followed by the Si and Type R.

Prices are expected to remain very close to current prices, with a starting price of around $ 22,000 for the base sedan.

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