Honda Civic 2019.

Honda Civic 2019.

Honda Civic 2019 is the future automotive bestseller in the Japanese market, as well as in Europe and the USA. Hundreds of thousands of cars sold over the past year are a clear confirmation of this. The popularity of the model forced the manufacturer to make additional changes. Make this model even more perfect. Strike a crushing blow to its main competitors.

Salon also received a lot of new features that were not in past generations. Separate attention deserve the security system. Now the car is equipped with a unique security complex Honda Sensing. It allows the driver and passengers to get the highest possible level of security.
The cost of the car after restyling has increased significantly. However, the car has become much more advanced in many areas. The price of a car — from 20 thousand US dollars.

Body Review, Exterior.

Attention buyers presented 3 versions:


Sedan will be the perfect option for those who prefer the classic version of the body. This version looks expensive and elegant. Despite the much smaller amount of luggage than in the wagon, the car in the sedan looks more harmonious. But for those who often travels to nature and needs a large trunk, the wagon will like it more.
«Charged» (sports) version of this car will be produced only in the hatchback body. This means that its cost will be significantly higher than the versions in the sedan or station wagon.

Despite the restyling, the Honda Civic 2019 has much in common with the previous generation. All changes are not global, but local, so the car will immediately be recognized by those who have seen the previous generation.
The restyling was directed (first of all) to improve the consumer characteristics of the model. As a result, the car received a slightly modified design, as well as a salon with a minimum number of changes.

Body Review, Exterior.

But the list of options has become much wider. That is why this model is recommended for those who like to equip a new car with a mass of useful gadgets and electronic assistants. Here it is enough, so even the most fastidious car enthusiasts will definitely find a suitable option.

Now in the standard equipment there is a new security system. Therefore, the 2018-2019 Honda Civic has become as safe as advanced cars from Volvo.
The car body looks even more aggressive. This is especially evident in the case of the front of the car. Taillights also got an unusual design. Now they are C-shaped and look very elegant.

Lowered fit will appeal to all who appreciate the modern design trends. The same applies to the downward line of the roof.
The rounded rear part, as well as the high-mounted spoiler, make it possible to call this car a sports car, although it is far from real sports cars.
Since the machine is available in different versions, you can also distinguish the model from previous generations by the exhaust pipes. This time the engineers installed them in the center.


The central tunnel has become a bit different. In particular, bottle holders have changed. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the car with a 7-inch touchscreen display, as well as an improved version of the multimedia system.

The audio system now sounds even better. It is quite loud, so you can safely recommend the car to music lovers and anyone who appreciates music.
Manage your climate system has become much easier. Now you do not have to understand the menu and delve into all the features of climate control in the cabin. You can master the control in just 5 minutes. The same can be said about other systems that are equipped with a car. This is a distinct advantage of the model, which has become much more understandable for the driver. Buttons have become more convenient. Owners of cars of the previous generation often complained about not enough ergonomic buttons, but this time the engineers corrected all the flaws.

The quality of materials used for interior trim is amazing. Despite the fact that the manufacturer still used plastic, it is not the cheap plastic that can be seen in Chinese cars. The Japanese manufacturer used a pleasant to the touch material, which is also more durable. Interior Honda Civic 2019 can be called one of the best in the class.


The navigation system deserves special attention. It is much more convenient than the absolute majority of third-party navigation systems. With such a system as the Honda Civic 2019, you can safely go on a long journey, because the driver just will not get lost.

The dashboard looks neat, so reading the indicators is convenient even at high speed. This important advantage will be a guarantee of safety for those who are annoyed by small speedometers and other indicators.
Rear space is also quite a lot. The luggage compartment volume reaches 427 liters, but if you buy this car in the hatchback body, you can get 727 liters with the seats folded. This is a great option for fans to go to the country or travel.

A complete set.

A wide range of configurations has become the key to the success of previous generations. Each buyer could choose the most appropriate version of the car. Suited him not only at the price, but also by the number of options.

The simplest model LX is sold with a special set of security, as well as climate control. In the equipment you can find a rear view camera. There is an advanced audio system, as well as a screen. This is quite enough so that the motorist does not feel deprived.

Many competitors can not boast even half of these options.
The Sport model stands out for a more aggressive look. Small body elements allow you to call this car sports. The front bumper boasts a glossy finish. Wheels in this configuration have an even more original design. Also in this version there is a spoiler, and nozzles for the exhaust pipe.

If the buyer wants something more, then you can purchase the EX model. This is ideal for those who prefer premium cars. 17-inch wheels will be an excellent addition to the interior. The 8 speakers of the audio system will allow you to enjoy music even if there is a large company of noisy young people in the cabin. The drive, which is equipped with a driver’s seat, will make driving even more convenient.
Leather trim steering will be another nice addition. The lever, designed to change gears, is also trimmed in leather (in the EX version).

The richest grade — EX-L. It can find auto-dimming mirrors, 18-inch wheels. There are special LED lights, rain sensors. Improved electronic helpers. This is enough to feel like a full-fledged royal person. However, the cost of the car in this configuration is unlikely to afford affordable buyers.


Specifications of this car allow you to call the 2018-2019 Honda Civic universal car.
The base engine for the model is a 2-liter engine. Its power reaches 158 hp. This is a front wheel drive car. Therefore, most motorists do not have to get used to the peculiarities of driving.

The six-speed gearbox is pretty nimble. You can forget about delays. As an option, you can choose the variator.
A turbocharged 1.5-liter engine is also available. Its power — 174 hp, 220 Nm.
Fuel consumption reaches 9.2 liters per 100 km. If we are talking about the urban cycle. Outside the city car consumes 5.7 liters.

Price and where to buy.

Currently, the model is not shipped to Russia officially. This means that you can only buy a new car abroad. This is a serious flaw that can cause many problems. Many motorists refuse to buy a car, largely due to the fact that the manufacturer refused to supply the car to Russia.
If the buyer is ready to go abroad, then in this case the cost of the car is 20-28 thousand US dollars (depending on the configuration and options). In its class, this car cannot be called cheap, but it has unique technical characteristics and reliability, so even after years of intensive use, the car can be resold without too much financial loss (compared to competitors).

Find a model in the secondary market is impossible, because the car was released recently. This means that those who prefer to buy cars in the secondary market, still have to go to a car dealership in search of a suitable model.
It is easy to find spare parts for a model, but original spare parts are relatively expensive, and Chinese ones may not be of sufficient quality and reliability, so care must be taken.
Pros and cons of the model.

Despite its popularity, the model has both advantages and disadvantages. What are the main pros and cons of this Japanese car?


Versatility. The machine is suitable for all life situations. If you need to find a model for trips to the country, then you can give preference to a car in the back of a hatchback. If you need to buy a car for a young man who likes to drive at high speed, then there is a version of the Sport in the model range.

A wide choice of various complete sets. Versions of the car are very different from each other, so you can equip your car no worse than cars of a higher class. This is an important advantage that competitors cannot boast of.

High security. Even in the basic configuration, the machine is equipped with all kinds of protection systems that will save the driver and passengers from any trouble. This is especially important if you need to take care of small children.
Excellent driving performance. Frisky engine — a pledge of a simple ride in the city. To control such a machine is extremely convenient.


If you examine the reviews of the owners, you can pay attention to problems with the CVT. CVT is the weakest point of this model. If in the first years of problems can be avoided, then with intensive use to avoid trouble is almost impossible. The variator is an important component of the car. Therefore, problems with it can cause long-term repair.

The inability to purchase a new car in Russia. In order to buy a new car, you have to go abroad.
These are unnecessary problems. Additional time costs and cash costs.

The relatively high price of cars in some trim levels. You have to pay for everything. Some «classmates» are significantly cheaper. Therefore, this model is unlikely to enjoy the most economical buyers. They will not want to overpay.

From year to year, this Japanese manufacturer brings the model to perfection. However, some drawbacks can not be avoided. But the number of advantages that a model has can be envied even by cars of a higher class. Before you give preference to this model, you need to see it live. One photo will be clearly not enough to appreciate the appearance of this universal Japanese car for lovers of speed and comfort.

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