Honda Civic 2021.

Honda Civic 2021.

Honda Civic 2021.

The Japanese company made a presentation of the pre-production model of the 2021 Honda Civic, the 11th generation, the car that will form the basis of the production version of the sedan, scheduled for mass production in spring 2021.

The virtual presentation was held on the online platform Twitch, which is used by progressive youth with an interest in esports.

But the more unusual is the fact that the exterior of the novelty seems to have matured: there are no longer those bold expressive lines and aggressive body kit on «civilian versions».

On the contrary, outwardly, the new Civic has become more sedate, although it has not slipped into the abyss of frankly family sedans.
Next generation overview

The Honda Civic family of eponymous sedans, five-door hatchbacks and two-door coupes once began as inexpensive subcompact subcompacts.

In the early 2000s, the model rose one step higher — to the golf class, and from about the same time it began to rapidly gain popularity among young people.

Today, the Civic is the best-selling Honda (more than 600 thousand cars sold every year), about to change a generation for the tenth time. And this is again a car «for young», but already slightly matured motorists.

Honda Civic 2021.


The new 2021 Honda Civic body is based on an old but heavily homologated platform. The avaricious official information speaks only of the increased track width and a serious expansion of the list of security systems, the sensors of which will be hidden under well-cut body parts.

The greatest metamorphosis occurred with the rear of the car, where large optics «a la BMW» and a massive bumper with black tailpipes successfully integrated into it appeared.

At the front, the 2021 Honda Civic sports a new «prowling» center air intake flanked by stylish decorative C-shaped moldings.

Honda Civic 2021.


The digital tidy will be an absolute innovation for the Japanese model of the 2021 Honda Civic, but the touchscreen of the multimedia system will increase in diameter to 9 inches.

However, all this is not presented live, but on a monochrome design drawing, which is depressing with the simplicity of the design of the central tunnel, and it does not make it possible to imagine the color options for finishing the new youth sedan.

The front panel design of the 2021 Honda Civic sedan on the appearance of the Audi A4 dashboard. The same shape of the tidy well, the same line formed by the air ducts, the same protruding display.

Honda Civic 2021.

Technical stuffing

The manufacturer has not yet said a word about new motors and transmissions, so experts can only guess whether the old units will retire.

On machines of the tenth generation, the base was a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with a capacity of 158 liters. from. (187 Nm), which is also installed on the CR-V SUV.

The next in the table of ranks is the one and a half liter turbo unit of the Earth Dreams family. This engine is equipped with a Mitsubishi turbine and has direct injection, thanks to which its output reaches 174 hp. from. (220 Nm).

A less powerful engine for the 2021 Honda Civic is supposed to have a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT, and the 174-horsepower is equipped with only a continuously variable transmission.

Honda Civic 2021.

Honda Civic: Will it be released in Russia?

Official sales of the Honda Civic in Russia ceased in 2015.

The model is unlikely to come back, but in the main market for itself — the American one — it will debut this spring, after which local motorists will immediately be offered a hatchback, and then a modification of the Civic Type R, which is being matched with a new hybrid engine.

As for the coupe body, there will be no such versions in the new generation of the model.

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