Honda Civic Type R 2022.

Honda Civic Type R 2022.

Honda Civic Type R 2022.

The new Honda Civic Type R 2022: not as aggressive as its predecessor, but perhaps more powerful.

The Japanese brand has confirmed the premiere date of the new «hot» hatchback.

Earlier it was considered that such «five-door» will be converted into a hybrid, but then there was information as if the model will keep a two-liter turbo engine, while its efficiency may grow.

We have already seen a camouflaged next Civic Type R in spy photos, and now the first official pictures have been published.

Unfortunately, the hot hatch still has not got rid of camouflage, but it is «cleaner» than paparazzi shots so you can get a better idea of design of the future «five-door».

Also the brand confirmed that the new Civic sports car will be fully revealed in 2022.

Recall, the latest generation sedan debuted back in spring, the standard hatchback in summer.

The usual Civic with the change of generations began to look quieter and more solid, here and charged Type R got more modest compared to its predecessor aerodynamic dodger, and now the wing is not so massive.

Honda Civic Type R 2022.

Also the hot-hatch has got Brembo brakes and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires.

The new Civic Type R has retained three exhaust pipes, but the central one is now larger than the others, whereas in the previous generation it was vice versa.

Honda Civic Type R 2022.

The interior is still unseen, but the architecture is likely the same as that of the standard model, that is hidden in the «grid» air deflectors and multimedia system with a screen towering over the front panel.

Certainly, the finishing will be «like sports» — «carbon fiber» inserts and red decor.

Earlier it was thought that the new Civic Type R will become a hybrid — at least, in Europe where Honda will soon fold sales of non-electrified models.

Honda Civic Type R 2022.

However, still at the beginning of the year British edition Autocar has found out, that hot-hatch will still keep petrol two-liter turbo four (like without any «additives»).

Moreover, its kickback can be increased, but concrete figures have not mentioned.

However, it is not excluded that the «five-door» will have two modifications — «traditional» and hybrid.

Honda Civic Type R 2022.

On the present European Civic Type R the engine 2.0 produces 320 hp and 400 Nm, it is combined with a six-speed «manual» (the new hot-hatch will also have manual transmission).

«Charged» hatchback of the outgoing generation will gain the first «hundred» in 5.8 seconds («light» special version will do this exercise in 5.7 seconds).

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