Honda CR-V 2020.

Honda CR-V 2020.

Honda CR-V 2020.

Honda CR-V 2020 — restyling of the 5th generation SUV from Honda.
In Europe and Russia, the past Honda CR-V crossover did not gain fame. But in North America, the Japanese came to taste. By the way, which is strange, for our consumer, a car is brought not from the eastern side, but directly from Ohio.

With a planned restyling of 2020, Honda plans to adjust sales mainly due to improvements to the hybrid model, a more careful attitude to security and a reduction in the price tag.


In CR-V 2018, a full range of security systems was delivered only in expensive trim levels; the 2020 version receives the default Honda Sensing kit. Some functions of the Russian car owners caused controversial opinions, but American agencies rated the complex highly.

Not without a reduction in power plants. So a 2.4 liter petrol aspirated and 187 hp went to the dustbin of history. All configurations will now be represented by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, which due to the turbine will give 6 horses more. The company offers him a non-alternative proprietary CVT. The drive to choose from — front or full.

Honda CR-V 2020.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the hybrid, which, by some nuances, stands apart from other Japanese brands. Its main feature is that since the start of the Honda SRV 2020, it goes exclusively to electric capacities. And the internal combustion engine is connected already along the way, while its main function is to power the generator to recharge the battery.

In this situation, it is not surprising that of the two engines under the hood, the power indicators moved towards the electric train — 184 horses, while the 2-liter gasoline unit only 145 hp

By the way, an important point, the cylinders in it run according to the Atkinson principle. The total return of the SRV hybrid is 215 hp. and 315 Hm. As usual, in classic trains, the drive is only full, and the transmission link is missing completely.

By the way, the first test drives of the hybrid novelty are already presented on the network, since it is the one that causes the interest of most fans of green cars.

Measurements showed that fuel consumption stopped at around 5.3 liters per hundred. For example, a similar model from Lexus eats a liter more. At the same time, the dynamics of Honda’s sensations are many times better.

Honda CR-V 2020.


We can say that the new CRV is now not as easy as before. The geometry of the body has been revised. The crossover added a little in breadth and got a shorter front end. And the new body kits and optics design added to him aggressiveness.

The cropped length of the face is very striking and looks a bit unusual. In addition, they slightly corrected the angle of the windshield. The optics got a little narrower and got a more complex LED pattern.

In addition, a complex design of the radiator grille appeared, where there is a chrome molding and plastic shields and a hexagonal grille. The bumper got a combination of gray plastic and a chromed W-shaped bezel.

The foglights were hidden away, and they are barely visible in small niches.
On the side, the CR-V geometry continues ahead of the fast-paced sporting lines. An important role in this is played by the additional chrome molding, perfectly complementing the shiny front racks. The sills along with the wheel arches also received a plastic gray performance.

Behind you can see a small wing on the fifth door. Dimensions got a complex shape and spread out in three directions at once. A bit of an angry look is added by a chrome rail wedged into the optics.

Also, the picture is completed by a plastic shockproof bumper with small brake lights and another chrome molding and trapezoidal nozzles of the exhaust system.

Honda CR-V 2020.


Although the development of the new Honda reduced the price by almost 20%, the savings on the materials of the interior trim are not visible. The changes are essentially point-wise. The main novelty is a new casing on the central tunnel. The rest of the interior will please with an aesthetic combination of leather, wooden and plastic inserts.

New trends in the world of gadgets have not spared Japanese restyling and now there are two USB ports and wireless charging for a smartphone near the backstage.

The rest is a virtual tidy, a 9-inch multimedia screen and comfortable, light-skinned chairs with sporty outlines and massive head restraints.

It is also worth considering that the interior of the hybrid SRV is slightly different. Due to the lack of need for the transmission handle, the central tunnel received two cup holders. The rest of the comfort will add power seats, the presence of heating and ventilation in the front seats.

Honda CR-V 2020.

Price and sales start date

The start of sales in the United States is planned for October 2019. By tradition, Russian dealers will receive a CRV crossover with a delay, somewhere by the end of winter 2020.

The Americans will be able to purchase the basic version without a hybrid installation, but with a set of Honda Sensing for 1.6 million rubles.
The final price for the Russian client is not yet known. For example, the pre-styling model of the SRV 2018 launched with a price tag of 2.1 million rubles.

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