Honda HR-V 2022.

Honda HR-V 2022.

Honda HR-V 2022.

The new Honda HR-V has inflated cheeks: the crossover for the U.S. market will get a unique design.

Honda’s North American division has announced a new generation of the subcompact HR-V crossover for the local market and it turns out it will look much more aggressive than its global namesake, which is also known as the Vezel.

The new-generation Honda HR-V/Vezel made its debut in native Japan last February, a version for the European market was introduced in April, and the new crossover has not yet made it to China and the United States.

Today the American debut was announced, and local consumers were pleasantly surprised: specifically for them Honda has endowed the new parkett with a unique, not as the global version of the appearance.

Judging by the published sketches, the American HR-V will slightly resemble the Ford Escape (American version of the Kuga).

Compared to the global version, the American HR-V will have larger lighting equipment, a more rounded front end, and a beefy front bumper with large air intakes, resembling swollen cheeks.

The stern will have separate rather than connected LED strip lights and a more expressive bumper, and there will be additional luggage windows on the sides. In short, all exterior body panels have been changed!

Honda HR-V 2022.

Honda should try hard for Americans: the fact is that the old HR-V last year made an incredible leap in sales in the U.S. and took first place in its segment — 137,090 units sold, up 63.1% more than in 2020.

Such success the HR-V has never known in America, and the task of the new model is to at least maintain this achievement.

For comparison, let us say that the Subaru Crosstrek (known as XV in our country) in 2021 sold 127,466 units in the U.S., Chevrolet Trailblazer — 90,161 units, Hyundai Kona — 90,069 units, Jeep Compass — 75,642 units, Mazda CX-30 — 60,185 units, Kia Seltos — 51,368 units, Toyota C-HR — 35,707 units.

Honda HR-V 2022.

The full premiere of the new Honda HR-V for the U.S. is expected in the next few months, and now we can only guess what metamorphosis it will undergo in the cabin and in terms of technology.

The current HR-V still on sale in the U.S. is offered with a 1.8-liter gasoline «atmospheric» engine rated at 143 hp and a variator.

Honda HR-V 2022.

The American media assume that the new HR-V for the local market will get engines from the new Civic, that is a petrol 2.0-liter «atmospheric» and 1.5-liter turbo engine.

Hybrid versions are also expected (socketless), but the electric version is still in question.

Honda HR-V 2022.

The electric version of the new HR-V has been announced for China only — depending on production partner (Dongfeng or GAC) it will be called e:NS1 or e:NP1.

We should add that 2022th Honda announced in the U.S. year of crossovers, and this means that the premiere of the new HR-V is not limited to the case.

And here with Russia Honda this year finally farewell: after delivery of the final batch of crossovers CR-V in March shipments will be stopped.

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