Honda HR-V / Vezel 2021.

Honda HR-V / Vezel 2021.

Honda HR-V / Vezel 2021.

The Honda Vezel SUV changed a generation and received a hybrid version e: HEV In Japan, the premiere of the second generation Honda Vezel crossover, which is sold as HR-V in export markets, took place.

Compared to its predecessor, the new model received completely different body proportions. The car has become more muscular and squat.

From the side, it draws attention to itself with a long hood and a flatter roofline. Note that already in the base, the Honda HR-V 2021 in the new body has fully LED headlights and lanterns.

The side mirror housings are now located directly on the door panels. Plus, the car again flaunts hidden rear door handles (a similar solution was used on the previous version).

The developers report that the overall dimensions of the new Honda HR-V / Vezel have remained practically unchanged, while the parquet floor is slightly more spacious (especially on the second row).

Honda HR-V / Vezel 2021.

The Japanese managed to achieve the desired effect due to the revised layout of the interior, as well as thanks to new chairs with thinner backs.

Additional ventilation deflectors located at the end of the central tunnel are now available for rear passengers. The sofa itself has retained the proprietary transformation system, which means that its pillow can be folded up, thereby making the car suitable for transporting large vertical luggage.

Interestingly, the side ventilation deflectors on the front panel have individual knobs to adjust the airflow. In the center there is a «tablet» of the multimedia system «Honda Connect», which for the first time received a Wi-Fi transmitter and the ability to update the navigation system «over the air».

Honda HR-V / Vezel 2021.

As for the instrument panel, it consists of an analogue speedometer and a large display. The so-called «Digital Key» is also called to please the driver, which allows using a smartphone instead of a regular key. For a surcharge, a two-section panoramic roof and an electric trunk are available for the car.

In the base, the Honda HRV / Wesel 2021 is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline aspirated and a variator. At the same time, the Japanese themselves make the main bet on a rechargeable hybrid e: HEV, where two more electric motors work in conjunction with the same internal combustion engine.

One of them is connected to the main engine and acts as a generator, while the second is responsible for the rotation of the wheels.

Honda HR-V / Vezel 2021.

By default, the hybrid runs on electric traction, and only at high speeds (as the efficiency of the electric motor decreases), the clutch connects the internal combustion engine directly to the wheels. As such, there is no gearbox on such a modification.

The performance of the conventional and gasoline-electric versions of the model has not yet been disclosed, while it is known that both options can be ordered not only in the front, but also in all-wheel drive versions with a propeller shaft and a rear axle coupling.

Honda HR-V / Vezel 2021.

Another feature of the new Vezel is the proprietary complex «Honda Sensing», consisting of adaptive cruise control, an automatic braking system and a lane keeping function.

The start of sales of the new Honda Wesel model in the domestic market in Japan is scheduled for April 2021. Then the SUV will appear in a number of other countries, and under the name H-RV. It is pointless to wait for the appearance of a car in Russia, since Honda will soon completely leave our market.

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