Honda Legend (KC2) 2021.

Honda Legend (KC2) 2021.

Honda Legend (KC2) 2021.

Hybrid sedan Honda Legend (KC2) with complex Honda Sensing Elite.

Sales of the Honda Legend sedan (KC2) with a hybrid power plant and an active safety complex Honda Sensing Elite, which meets the third level of autopilot, will start in Japan tomorrow.

With Sensing Elite, the driver can take their hands off the steering wheel while driving on the fast lane or in traffic.

The Japanese Ministry of Transport, after test drives, approved this complex. During the tests, 1.3 million km were covered and over 10 million possible road situations were analyzed.

Using 3D maps and satellite navigation, the system determines the position of the car, external sensors scan the area around the car 360 degrees, and a camera installed in the cabin monitors the driver’s condition.

In short, the Sensing Elite, with the help of adaptive cruise control and lane monitoring system, takes over steering, acceleration and braking, keeps the sedan in the middle of the lane and maintains its distance.

Honda Legend (KC2) 2021.

In Japan, the Honda Legend (Acura RLX) is offered only with a hybrid powertrain, which includes a naturally aspirated V6 3.5 engine (314 hp 371 Nm) mated to a 7DCT robotic gearbox and three electric motors (one in front and two in the rear).

The output of the front electric motor is 35 kW (48 hp 148 Nm), and the two rear motors are 27 kW (37 hp 73 Nm).

The total output of the hybrid is 382 hp. and 462 Nm with all-wheel drive SH-AWD.

Honda Legend (KC2) 2021.

A video demonstrating the Honda Sensing Elite complex was filmed at the Honda training ground, it shows how the car automatically makes lane changes, overtakes and moves in a traffic jam, while the driver can sit and watch TV at this time.

Indicators are located on the steering wheel, 12.3-inch touchscreen and glove compartment.

At the same time, the driver must turn on active functions with buttons, respond in a timely manner to vibration of the seat belt, sound signals and light indicators, without giving signs of fatigue.

Honda Legend (KC2) 2021.

If the driver does not react, Sensing Elite slows down the movement of the car, up to a stop, activating the alarm (the police are not called in this case).

The first to test this system in 2014 was the Legend sedan. Honda Sensing is currently available on all Honda vehicles in Europe, starting with the base trim. Incidentally, the Nissan ProPilot 2.0 has similar capabilities.

Honda Legend (KC2) 2021.

The price of the Honda Legend Hybrid EX sedan equipped with this complex with blue accents in the cabin in Japan is 11 million yen (at the current exchange rate it is about 7.5 million rubles).

So far, this circulation is limited to one hundred cars for the Japanese market.

There will be no direct sales of the sedan, but only its leasing (rent with or without redemption).

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