Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022.

Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022.

Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022.

Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022. The restyled Honda Passport is fully revealed: a new «base» and «off-road» version.

The Japanese brand launches an updated crossover on the market. The front end is made like the Ridgeline pickup, with almost no updates to the interior. The engine is not affected by reforms.

The American Honda Honda division (the USA is the basic market for the model) announced Passport in September, but then they showed only a crossover in the new «off-road» version TrailSport.

Now all the kitting is declassified, and prices are announced at the same time.

Recall, the crossover, which revived the name Passport (once called the twin frame SUV Isuzu Rodeo), in operation since 2018, it is, in fact, a shortened version of the three-row Honda Pilot.

At the same time five-seater SUV is inferior to his big brother, although this year it managed to go «plus»: according to the company itself, from January to November 2021 Passport sold 48,524 copies in the States (+38%), while the Pilot for the same period there have gained 131,776 owners (+19%).

Restyling brought the junior crossover a new front bumper, fog lights, front fenders and hood — all from Honda Ridgeline pickup.

Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022.

The rear bumper was also replaced, as well as the radiator grille, and the exposed round exhaust system spigots are bigger.

The range of rims has also been updated. «Features» of the same Passport TrailSport — a lighter grid on the grille and silver bumper guards, the wheel track of such crossover extended by 10 mm, plus the model received special wheels with 245/60R18 tires.

The interior has quite modest changes: a different decorative stitching and a new highlighting of the dashboard.

Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022.

Inside the TrailSport — orange stitching on the seats, steering wheel and door panels, in addition the front seats’ headrests have the same color logo embroidered.

The lineup of options was cut down, the cheapest Sport and the third oldest Touring are removed.

Total, from now on along with TrailSport, Honda Passport has only three variants.

The EX-L version became a new «base», its arsenal includes: 20-inch wheels, diode headlights and taillights, «leather» interior, heated front seats, multimedia system with an 8-inch display, warning system for unfastened belts and «forgotten» passengers in the back seat (a novelty for the model), rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, auto brake, blind spot monitoring and lane keeping systems.

Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022.

TrailSport is an «average» set, in addition to the above-mentioned distinctive features, there is a satellite navigator, LED fog lights, roof rails, and built-in compass.

Finally, the top-of-the-line Honda Passport Elite additionally features leather upholstery with perforations, heated rear seats, and a Wi-Fi access point.

Several option packages are also available for the crossover. For example, as for the Honda Ridgeline pickup, for an additional fee you can order HPD (Honda Performance Development) kit, which includes black wheel arch extenders, body stickers and «bronze» wheels.

Technology reforms have not affected: Honda Passport offered with a gasoline V6 3.5 engine rated at 284 hp, which works paired with a nine-speed «automatic».

Honda Passport Trail Sport 2022.

Base Cross EX-L comes with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive i-VTM4 (with individual rear-wheel drive clutches), the other versions — only all-wheel drive.

Ground clearance Passport with 2WD — 190 mm, all-wheel drive cars — 206 mm.

The restyled crossover will cost $37,870 to $45,430 (excluding shipping and taxes), which is equivalent to about 2,807,000 to 3,367,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

The pre-reform Passport cost from $32,790 (2,430,000 rubles). By the way, the senior Honda Pilot is now cheaper — from $36,830 (2,730,000 rubles).

Meanwhile, TrailSport is not simply one of Passport’s kits, it is a separate subbrand, created in spite of Subaru with its Wilderness.

The «off-road» décor is only the first stage; later there should be Hondas with reconfigured suspension, increased ground clearance, and reinforced underbody protection.

But we won’t see the «hardcore» Honda in Russia anyway, because from next year the company is winding down sales of cars in our country.

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