Honda Pilot 2022.

Honda Pilot 2022.

Honda Pilot 2022.

Popular cars Mazda CX-9, Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander have a serious competitor in the face of Honda Pilot 2022, which, according to previously published information, may soon leave the Russian market.

But you should not lose sight of this model, since it is in fact an interesting vehicle with the richest technical equipment, the highest build quality and spectacular appearance.

Now in the Russian market, the Honda Pilot is sold in three trim levels. Rates for a car range from 3,749,900 to 4,539,900 rubles for the Lifestyle and Premium configurations, respectively.


Any modern car with thoughtful configurations and decent prices deserves attention, however, if interesting technical characteristics are provided in addition, this clearly guarantees the success of the model, of course, if it is not deprived in terms of design.

Honda Pilot 2022 is the car that has everything at the same time: rich equipment, reasonable prices, spectacular appearance (you can evaluate it from the photo in the article), as well as impressive dynamics.

This car in a new body is not replete with a variety of engine line-ups, but in this case, this is not required.

To date, for the Russian automotive market, the production model of the Honda Pilot is equipped with only one 3.0-liter power unit.

Honda Pilot 2022.

This is a gasoline «aspirated», which can generate a maximum of 249 horsepower, as well as 294 N * m of torque.

It is noteworthy that globally, the manufacturer uses this installation in its other cars. This engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The car presented in the review has the following dimensions:

length — 4 954 mm;
width — 1 997 mm;
height — 1 788 mm;
wheelbase — 2 820 mm;
clearance — 200 mm;
curb weight — 2,008 kg.

In Russia, only front-wheel drive crossovers Honda Pilot with a seven-seater or eight-seater saloon are sold.

The car received not only a spacious interior, but also a capacious luggage compartment for 524 liters.

The fuel tank holds 73 liters of fuel, providing a good range, given the moderate average fuel consumption of 10.4 liters (using AI-92 gasoline or fuel with a higher octane number).

This crossover has good dynamics with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.1 seconds. and a top speed of 192 km / h. The indicated figures for consumption and acceleration are achieved under optimal conditions.

Honda Pilot 2022.

Options and prices

Russian motorists can choose a spacious Japanese-made family car Honda Pilot 2022 in three trim levels: Lifestyle, Executive and Premium.

The cost of the car varies from 3,749,900 to 4,539,900 rubles. As in the case with any other car, the technical equipment provided by the manufacturer has a significant impact on the cost of this model.


It is very useful for modern motorists to pay attention to the safety of the chosen model before buying a car.

It should be borne in mind that not only the number of vehicles on public roads is growing, but also the number of accidents occurring with their participation.

Therefore, the safety level of the purchased car must be properly assessed.

If we take into account this Japanese crossover, then we can distinguish not only the variety of systems and electronic assistants, but also numerous pillows, three-point belts with tensioners and clamps, fastenings for ISOFIX child seats and a lot of additional equipment.

Honda Pilot 2022.

It should be noted that the Honda Pilot model fully meets the requirements of a modern and safe car. The manufacturer has tried to create a well-thought-out model that has passed all possible tests with high performance.

Handling and off-road performance

Another aspect that deserves attention when reviewing the Honda Pilot 2022 car.

In this case, it is worth highlighting that this is a full-fledged crossover with all-wheel drive and a proper ground clearance of 200 mm.

This is enough to cope with serious obstacles on your way.

In the framework of off-road conditions, the car feels quite comfortable and boasts a cross-country ability that surpasses many of its «classmates».

This crossover also differs in excellent driving characteristics. Honda Pilot holds the road confidently and also responds well to steering.

On its way, the SUV does not notice small artificial irregularities and allows the car enthusiast to fully enjoy the comfort during the trip.


What really impresses Japanese cars and especially Honda models is their individual appearance. At first glance, this crossover has some similarities with lower-class Honda models, however, at the same time, some uniqueness can be clearly distinguished.

Honda Pilot 2022.

In terms of appearance and interior design, this crossover is not comparable with the newfangled «Chinese», rather on the contrary, long-term traditions and high quality workmanship prevail here. The car still looks impressive and stylish.

In the design of the interior and exterior, non-standard design solutions and the quality of finishing materials are striking.

Of course, the appearance of the model is not for everybody, however, everything here is done in such a way that most motorists will really like the arrangement.

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