Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022.

Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022.

Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022.

Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022: electric variant of the HR-V crossover.

Honda promised to bring 10 different electric cars to the Chinese market at once and presented the first of them at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021.

The novelty called «Honda SUV e: Prototype» is a harbinger of the «green» crossover, which will appear in the Middle Kingdom in the spring of 2022. Over time, it will also become available in a number of other countries.

In terms of exterior design, the electric car is in many ways similar to the Vezel model (aka HR-V), but at the same time it has an original design of the front and rear of the body.

So, the off-road vehicle does not have a radiator grill, and the narrow headlights are practically combined with each other. Plus, on the front, one cannot fail to note the presence of a luminous logo in the form of the letter «H».

Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022.

As for the stern, here attention is drawn to a large visor on the fifth door and the lanterns combined with each other. But the developers have not yet shown the interior of the prototype.

Again, there is no information about the technical stuffing of the Honda SUV e: Prototype 2021, but the Japanese had previously signed an agreement with General Motors, so it is possible that the upcoming commercial crossover will be equipped with «American» Ultium batteries.

Plus, Honda showed the Breeze PHEV hybrid crossover in Shanghai. It is based on the CR-V, but has a more aggressive exterior design and is adapted to the requirements of the Chinese market.

Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022.

The Japanese again do not spread about the technical features of such a model, while it is known that the crossover will receive a twin-engine power plant.

The Honda Breeze PHEV will be the Japanese brand’s first plug-in hybrid to be produced at China’s Guangqi Honda plant. The timing of the appearance and the cost of such a machine have not yet been specified.

Honda SUV e: concept heralds a future electric crossover

The electric car Honda e has already entered the assembly line, but Europe and Japan have become the main markets for it.

Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022.

For America or China, such a miniature hatchback with a modest power reserve (220 km according to the WLTP cycle) is not suitable, so the company is hastily developing another «train». Its prototype was presented at the Beijing Auto Show.

The Honda SUV e: concept is a compact crossover with a squat silhouette and aggressive styling.

Alas, the developers did not disclose even the approximate characteristics of the car, limiting themselves to a lengthy statement that the electric car has a full set of electronic assistants and a modern Honda Connect media system with Internet access.

The future serial SUV will certainly retain the overall proportions and design solutions of the concept, but it will replace the three-door body with a more familiar five-door one, and the interior, of course, will be solved in a traditional manner.

Honda promises to start mass production of such electric crossovers in China in the near future.
And at the Beijing Auto Show, a rechargeable version of the Honda CR-V hybrid crossover is unveiled.

Honda SUV e: Prototype 2022.

The benzoelectric modification appeared in the range three years ago, and its debut also took place in China, but there was still no possibility of connecting to an outlet.

The new Honda CR-V Sport Hybrid e + retained the i-MMD powerplant with an aspirated 2.0 and an electric motor, but its settings are different, and from the characteristics so far only the mileage on one charge is declared: 80 km without connecting a gasoline engine.

All the details will appear early next year, when the Sport Hybrid e + hits the assembly line, and not only in China.

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