Honda UR-V 2021.

Honda UR-V 2021

Honda UR-V 2021.

Honda UR-V 2021: medium format crossover.
Based on the predecessor Honda Crossstour, the stylish and comfortable 2021 Honda UR-V cross-coupe has reached the level of competitiveness of the European analogues of the Mercedes GLC Coupe and BMW X4. The new model is focused on the demands of the Chinese market, but in the near future it may gain global status.

The cross-coupe belongs to the class of budget cars, nevertheless, the novelty demonstrates the expressive body design that arouses the envy of competitors, the salon interior that is most comfortable for its cost, modern high-speed and consumable characteristics of the engine range.

Having survived the restyling, the car is decorated in a bright and dynamic sports style that meets the needs of future owners of different age categories.

Honda UR-V 2021.


The photos of the novelty taken from several angles show recognizable structural and design details from the signature model of the Avancier series. In the asset of the new version:

• dynamic angle of inclination of the windshield;
• ribbed semi-perimeter and longitudinal profiles of the massive hood;
• wedge-shaped configuration of multifunctional optics units equipped with powerful LED fittings;
• large-format hexagon of the honeycomb radiator cladding decorated with the brand logo.

The design features of the lower segment of the massive front end include a black mesh of the ventilation air intake shaded with a chrome trim and a vertical arrangement of side diffusers complemented by fog lights. The entourage of the front side of the crossover is complemented by details of the sporty-aggressive ribbed relief.

Honda UR-V 2021

The positive perception of the new version of the Honda UR-V 2021 in the body of a cross-coupe is formed by: a steep slope of the roof decorated with decorative rails, a matte texture of plastic window pillars, modern mirrors, elegant geometry of spacious doorways and high wheel arches.

Compact door handles, body relief elements and the corporate design of light-alloy 18-inch off-road wheels organically fit into the layout of the sidewalls.

In the bright and original design of the back side of the case, recognizable constructive and design elements from the Infiniti model are visible. In sight:

• traditional for a crossover layout combination of a spoiler and a steep slope of the upper glazing of the compact tailgate;
• original graphics of multi-element lamps visually connected with a chrome trim and LED jumper;
• embossed stamping for the license plate and vertical arrangement of fog lamps.

In the complete set of a figured plastic body kit, an air diffuser and a pair of rectangular exhaust pipes decorated with chrome plating. Decorating functions are assigned to a silvery corporate logo and a set of nameplates.


The budgetary status of the crossover Honda UR-V 2021 is reminiscent of the practical and functional salon interior made without any special frills. The list of finishing offers includes several options for fabrics, artificial and very high quality genuine leather, facing plastic and decorative inserts made of polished metal.

The multifunctional three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with two blocks of command buttons provides an excellent overview of the instrument panel, complete with analog dials and a color monitor of the on-board computer.

Honda UR-V 2021

• Most of the command functionality is concentrated on the center console pivoting media display and on-board options activation panels.
• The dashboard includes a pair of ventilation deflectors and an additional control panel for adjusting the interior microclimate system.
• The design of the wide and low tunnel offers convenient access to the automatic transmission selector, accessory organizers and the volume of the mini-refrigerator hidden under the double armrest.

Service for front and rear seats is typical. The front seats have side support, heated ventilation and a range of operating adjustments. For three riders of a very comfortable sofa, the backrest tilt function is available. Heated rear seats are promised in a more advanced top-end configuration.

For the transportation of bulky goods, the capacity of the trunk can be increased due to incomplete dismantling of the sofa backrest.


The new cross-coupe body, adapted to the features of the all-wheel drive modular platform, is formatted in the original, 4825×1942 and 1670 mm, external dimensions.

The design features of the chassis: a combined suspension, comfortable for its class, a 2820 mm center base, high off-road clearance, a standard set of stabilizers and safety systems.

• Initially, the manufacturer offers a choice of two gasoline turbocharged internal combustion engines. It is a 1.5-liter model with an output of 180 PS / 240 Nm and a more powerful 2.0-liter equivalent of 273 PS / 370 Nm.
• An uncontested 9-band all-wheel drive automated transmission is offered as a power transmission.

The test drive confirmed the dynamic speed and economical consumption characteristics of both modifications declared by the company at different speed modes.

Honda UR-V 2021

Options and prices

In the automobile market of the Celestial Empire, the price of a crossover in ruble terms is 2.3 million units of the domestic currency. The cost of the model with additional functional and comfort-forming options is approximately 200 thousand more.

Sales start in Russia

In the current, 2020, the new Honda UR-V 2021 model year of the Chinese assembly will only be supplied to the domestic market. The release date in Russia in the near future will not be considered by the company’s management.

Competing models

In addition to the aforementioned models, similar developments of other car brands, declared in the price range from 2 to 2.5 million, can apply for the status of competitors.

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