Honda WR-V 2023.

Honda WR-V 2023.

Honda WR-V 2023.

Honda has officially declassified the new (third) generation HR-V crossover for the North American market.

Note that the local version of the model has nothing in common with the already presented in Europe the same name all-terrain vehicle.

Overseas novelty is almost an exact copy of the Chinese ZR-V. In particular, it has almost the same appearance, although without unique features.

In particular, the American crossover is already equipped with 17-inch wheels of the original design.

It has a small sunroof instead of a panoramic roof and exhaust pipes «hidden» under the bumper.

For the model a Sport-version has already been prepared, which can be distinguished from the base model by a different grille and slightly modified bumpers. It already has 18-inch wheels, and the only exhaust system spigot is exposed.

The interior of North American model again copies that on Chinese ZR-V, but the equipment is different.

In particular, the crossover is equipped with a combined instrument panel with an analog speedometer and a 7.0-inch display.

In turn, the multimedia system put it may have a 7.0″ or 9.0″ screen.

In this regard, the Chinese version is much more advanced: it has a 10.2-inch virtual dashboard and 10.1-inch multimedia touchscreen.

Honda WR-V 2023.

The American Honda HR-V 2023 is based on the platform of the new Civic and has an independent rear suspension.

With the change of generations crossover has noticeably increased in size. Thus, its length has increased to 4,567 mm (+ 239), width to 1,839 mm (+ 66), and height to 1,610 mm (+ 5).

Honda WR-V 2023.

Wheelbase is stated at 2,655 mm (+ 43). The track was widened by 51 mm in the front and 64 mm in the rear.

But the increase in the trunk is symbolic 3 liters — up to 691 liters.

Honda WR-V 2023.

But with the transition to a new platform the capacity of cargo area of all versions of the model became the same, while before the all-wheel drive modification had less cargo area than the front-drive version.

One more peculiarity of the American HR-V is an engine: the model has a 2.0-liter diesel engine with an output of 160 hp (187 Nm), while the Chinese model has a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 182 horsepower (240 Nm).

The engine works in a sheaf with a variator, which ZR-V relies on. Subsequently the model will also have a hybrid version, but no details about it yet.

Honda WR-V 2023.

Overseas all-terrain vehicle can be ordered both with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (the ZR-V can only be mono-wheel drive). Cars with 4WD have a clutch on the rear axle, and they also get an additional drive preset Snow.

As regards the equipment as a whole, the base crossover has ten airbags, among which there are even knee airbags for front seats (ZR-V cannot boast with it any more).

Moreover, the car is provided with adaptive cruise control and front seats with electric adjustments. There is also a complex of electronic Honda Sensing assistants and downhill assist system.

Production of Honda HR-V crossovers for the U.S. will be set up at the Mexican plant of the Japanese brand (here was released and the model in the old body).

The novelty will be on sale in June of the 22nd at a price of $ 23,650 (1,420,000 rubles at the current exchange rate).


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