Honda ZR-V 2021.

Honda ZR-V 2021.

Honda ZR-V 2021.

Honda is currently developing several directions at once. But the main one is considered to be the creation of a new line of electric cars.

However, Honda has managed to surprise its fans by presenting its new compact crossover ZR-V the other day.

Appearance of this model was quite expected. The company Honda has been trying to gain a foothold in the market of compact and accessible cars for a long time. Thus, in India today sells the inexpensive City, which recently underwent extensive changes.

But until recently, Honda seems to have bypassed the budget crossover segment.

In its model range today there is a BR-V parkettes. But the price set for the car does not allow it to compete with the Hyundai Creta and other successful budget crossovers.

And this at a time when such parkettes are in high demand around the world.

In this regard, the release of the Honda ZR-V is quite a justified step. True, while this model debuted in the rank of a concept.

Honda ZR-V 2021.

Most likely the production version of the crossover will not differ from its prototype. Therefore, the future Honda ZR-V will receive a radiator grille original to the Japanese brand compact shape, the pattern of which consists of numerous metal parts.

They visually pass into the body components. A similar solution earlier, for example, was implemented by Changan in its Uni-K.

The ZR-V’s headlights are designed in a more traditional style. In particular, she retained a long LED stripe.

Thus the front headlights at a Japanese novelty are compact.

Honda ZR-V 2021.

Such a combination gives the car somewhat aggressive appearance.

The front bumper has a wide central air intake of trapezoidal shape and two compact side intakes, each of which is complemented by horizontal slats.

One of the advantages of the Honda ZR-V on the background of competitors can be called a high ground clearance.

Also a plus of Japanese novelty is original rear optics which architecture is made up by set of small light-emitting diodes. A rear bumper at the crossover is supplemented with cutouts for diffusers.

Honda ZR-V 2021.

This decision indirectly indicates that Honda intends to make the new ZR-V a dynamic crossover.

While the manufacturer does not disclose details of its model. For example, the features of the interior are unknown.

As expected, under the hood of the new Honda ZR-V will place only one «atmospheric» engine of 1.5 liters, the maximum output of which does not exceed 112 hp.

This motor will be combined with a continuously variable transmission. But it is possible that Honda to reduce the price of the base version ZR-V will introduce a manual gearbox into the car.

Honda ZR-V 2021.

It is already known that the Japanese model is focused on the South Asian market.

As for the lineup of electric cars, the company Honda systematically expands their list. Thus, about a month ago there was a debut of the concept electric coupe e:N Coupe.

This model is rather intended to show possibilities of Japanese engineers. Honda will not release a serial coupe in this form.

First of all, this is due to the fact that the car has an angular and too wide body.

In addition, it has a very small ground clearance. This is fraught with the fact that in the case of hitting a pothole, there is a great probability of damaging the battery, which is located under the bottom.

Over the next few years, Honda will have to leave the Russian market. The main reason is the lack of infrastructure for electric cars.

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