Hongqi E-HS9 2023.

Hongqi E-HS9 2023.

Hongqi E-HS9 2023.

It became known that the segment of large-size premium SUVs will be replenished with a new model, the Chinese Hongqi E-HS9 with an engine of more than 550 hp.

Several dealerships in Russia have posted ads for the sale of the Hongqi E-HS9 2023 large Chinese SUV. The E-HS9 is an electric version of a large car.

It is reported that the model will be available only in the maximum configuration Premium. Dealers offer to bring an electric car at a price of 9.9 to 11.2 million rubles, depending on the level of equipment.

Note that at home, in China, this car costs 639-729 thousand yuan, or 6.56 — 7.48 million rubles, in terms of the current exchange rate.

In length, the body of the “Chinese” is extended to 5209 mm, the width and height are 2010 and 1733 mm, respectively. center distance — 3110 mm.

In other words, in terms of body dimensions, the Chinese car is larger than the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQS classmate.

Hongqi E-HS9 2023.

In order for the SUV to set in motion, an electric motor with 551 hp is used. and 750 N * m of torque.

The drive can be non-alternative all-wheel drive, to which power is supplied through an electronic gearbox.

Hongqi E-HS9 2023.

The model is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds, which is quite fast for such a large car. And its maximum speed is limited to 200 km / h.

The power plant is powered by a 99 kWh battery pack.

It offers an average range of 510 km on a single charge. It is reported that it takes 9.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Hongqi E-HS9 2023.

Obviously, the model has the most advanced equipment. So the list of options includes automatic parking, adaptive cruise control, lane control system, keyless entry to the salon and much more.

There is a voice assistant that can only be configured to work with the voice of the car owner.

Hongqi E-HS9 2023.

In addition, the model received multi-zone climate control, a triple screen is installed on the front panel, divided into three parts.

Along with this, there is a steering wheel heating function, as well as heated, ventilated and massage seats.

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