Hyundai Bayon 2022.

Hyundai Bayon 2022.

Hyundai Bayon 2022.

Hyundai Bayon 2022. Compact crossovers are increasingly appearing on the market. Fuel economy, ground clearance and a good set of safety systems on board.

These are the indicators that most often accompany the production of cars of this type.

One such example is the new and compact Hyundai Bayon. The official premiere of the novelty was held in early spring of 2021.

For the most part the novelty will be sold on the car market in Europe.

Accordingly, the specifications will not be the most powerful. The basis for the new Hyundai Bayon is a platform from a hatchback i20, more precisely from a cross-hatchback. The body of Hyundai Bayon is original and reminds more about earlier presented Hyundai Kona, Nexo or Santa Fe.

In a word, the Korean manufacturer has kept the style of the SUV lineup, while making the novelty the most compact.

Depending on the country where the Hyundai Bayon will be sold, under the hood will be an atmospheric gasoline engine MPI, 1.2 liter or turbocharged T-GDI, 1.0 liters.

To the atmospheric engine will be offered only 5-speed mechanics, but the turbocharged unit will be with a 6-speed manual or 7-speed robotized gearbox.

Hyundai Bayon 2022.

The crossover will have only front drive, regardless of the configuration.

Exterior of the new crossover.

As already said, the exterior of the new Hyundai Bayon crossover is very similar to the Kona, but still has its own features.

Quite unusual design got the front part of the car. Instead of the usual optics designers installed thin LED running lights, but the optics are located a little lower, on the sides of the bumper.

Depending on the configuration, the optics can be fully LED or on the basis of halogen lamps. Here, near the optics are located small air intakes.

The main part of the front of the new Hyundai Bayon is located under the large radiator grille.

As an insert was used a shaped insert with protrusions, which changes size depending on the location.

The lower part of the front is emphasized by a bumper, made of black plastic with a silver insert.

There is also an additional grille, but in fact it performs the main role in cooling the engine.

The front end itself Hyunadi Bayoner 2021 looks futuristic and at first it seems that before you a concept, but in fact it is a production model.

Hyundai Bayon 2022.

The hood of the crossover is laid butt to butt with the front end and on top of the side fenders.

The hood itself has received a minimum of curved lines. According to the calculations of the manufacturer, such design of Hyundai Bayon will appeal to young audience of buyers.

Interior of the new crossover

The interior of compact Hyundai Bayon is not less modern. With all this the car has not gone beyond the budget segment.

The central part of the panel will slightly change its appearance depending on the configuration.

The top is occupied by the display of the multimedia system, made in the form of a tablet.

In the standard version the display is 8″, but the advanced versions of the crossover will receive a 10.25″ screen.

The basis of the multimedia system, which can simultaneously work with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, remains independent.

Hyundai Bayon 2022.

The company also decided not to remove the mechanical buttons, although a number of touch buttons are also present.

Not quite familiar looks a pair of central air ducts. Designers stretched horizontal lines on the passenger side and added LED lighting. Thus the car has got its own highlight in the cabin.

As for the interior of the Hyundai Bayon 2021, most of the sides will be fabric.

Exactly the first copies of the crossover are presented in fabric upholstery. The buyer can choose either all-black upholstery or gray with black inserts.

The seats of the new Hyundai Bayon crossover also do not stand out as a luxury, while comfort is not worse than the competitors.

Front seats have standard side support, high back and separate headrests. Adjustment in most cases is mechanical, and only in the top variants will be electric adjustment.

The second row of Hyundai Bayon 2021 seats is designed to seat three passengers.

If necessary, the seats can be folded down in the 60/40 ratio.


Despite the fact that the crossover is attributed to the class of compact cars, free space in the cabin is enough for both first- and second-row passengers.

Technical Specifications Hyundai Bayon 2022

Under the hood of a new Hyundai Bayon 2021-2022 it will be offered to install one of two units.

The first option is an atmospheric gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters, MPI family of four cylinders.

The second engine is turbocharged petrol T-GDi, the volume of 1.0 liters on 3 cylinders. An interesting point is that the turbocharged unit will go with a mild hybrid, which means that the on-board network of the crossover at 48V.

The size of the Hyundai Bayon 2021

Length, mm — 4180
Width, mm — 1775
Height, mm — 1490 (taking into account 17″ wheels)
Wheelbase, mm — 2580

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