Hyundai Casper 2022.

Hyundai Casper 2022.

Hyundai Casper 2022.

Hyundai Casper 2022 is a new ultra-budget mini-crossover.

Hyundai has unveiled a budget-friendly crossover variant called the Casper.

It is the smallest model in its series. However, according to assurances of the manufacturer, despite the affordable cost, equipment of the car is not poor, as it may seem.

That is, the car is positioned as an «ultra-budget» crossover variant.

The first pictures of Hyundai Casper were published back in early September, and he fully revealed in all its glory, and both outside and inside.

Moreover, at home (in South Korea) became known cost of the novelty, and also opened an order.

The name was given not in honor of the famous ghost, as many might think, but as a tribute to a trick from skateboarders.

Its essence is to flip the board in the air, after which it owls to the wheels.


The main feature of the car is the round shape of the headlights with LED «trim» running lights. Approximately the same is made and the lights on the stern.

Only the opening of the luggage compartment itself occupies the entire width of the car.

In addition, the engineers decided to effectively hide the handles of rear doors and placed smiley faces above them.

This makes the model looks cheerful and funny. The manufacturer has a full order with humor.

Hyundai Casper 2022.

Hyundai Casper 2022 is a kind of analogue of the hatchback Kia Picanto, which is well known to Russian car enthusiasts.

Both cars have the same length, width and wheelbase, but the Casper is slightly higher.

Original engineers approached the creation of the radiator grille and wheel rims.

Interior and equipment

Despite the fact that the cabin of the mini-crossover is quite compact, the manufacturer tried to make the space useful to the maximum extent.

Inside can accommodate only 4 people, including the driver. Economical approach in matters of security implementation is not used.

Hyundai Casper 2022.

Even the basic configuration can boast far not poor stuffing:

seven airbags;
numerous assistants of the driver;
adaptive cruise control;
two-spoke multifunction steering wheel with adjustable tilt;
digital instrument cluster;
4.2-inch LCD multimedia display;
media system with 2 speakers;
heated side mirrors.

The layout is made as ergonomically as possible. The display is located in its usual place — above the ventilation deflectors.

Below them there is a control unit for the climate system. The developers worked no less originally on how to make the interior as spacious as possible for its compact size.

To this end, the central console is removed — instead of it, there is a small armrest, and under it there are two cup holders.

Hyundai Casper 2022.

Then the most interesting thing is that the engineers have expanded the lower part of the front panel.

The gearbox selector is placed here, and its localization zone is highlighted with a color accent on the body shade.

In addition, there are other useful nuances, which is true for «top» models.

The seats of the first row can be folded back, and they have removable headrests.

According to statements of developers of company Hyundai such possibility is implemented for the first time.

The second row does not have a traditional sofa, but a pair of separate seats. If necessary they can be advanced on 160 mm, and also recline on 39 degrees.

In general, basic models are equipped in less degree, but even such equipment is not poor.

The top versions have a monitor with a larger diagonal (8″), light-alloy 17-inch wheels (15″ steel in the base), leather braided steering wheel (heated), etc.


The Hyundai Casper 2022 is based on the K1 platform, just like the Kia Picanto (called Morning in its home country). It is a modernized and refined version of the «BA».

It has only front drive, however it does not prevent it from overcoming moderate lack of roads, due to inclusion of off-road mode (off-road).

Hyundai Casper 2022.

The rear brakes are different: the base version has drum brakes, and the «top version» has disc brakes.

The dimensions of the small crossover are shown in the table below.

Overall dimensions of the mini-crossover

Length (mm) — 3 595
width (mm) — 1 595
height (mm) — 1 575
Wheelbase (mm) — 2 400

The power lineup has two engines:

Basic — the traditional «atmospheric» with a capacity of 76 hp, producing 95 Nm.

The Active version — turbocharged unit with 100 hp and 172 Nm of torque.

Both engines are liter and have three cylinders. The powerful car is easily recognized by the presence of two round holes near the headlights.

The radiator grille is also made differently. Transmission is the same — 4-band automatic gearbox.


Probable competitors of the mini-crossover may be the Suzuki Ignis and Renault Kwid.

These cars have already gained the popularity of a large audience of different ages.

The new Tata Punch mini-crossover model can also be included in this list, as well as the Mahindra KUV100 from India.

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