Hyundai Exter 2023.

Hyundai Exter 2023.

Hyundai Exter 2023.

Everything you need to know about the new 2023 Hyundai Exter crossover for 560 thousand rubles.

Hyundai continues to develop a range of crossovers.

Moreover, it works in several directions at once, offering cars that can satisfy the needs of completely different categories of customers.

So, the official presentation of the new 2023 Hyundai Exter crossover took place recently, which was valued at 560 thousand rubles at the exchange rate.

This model is intended for the Indian market. But, as is the case with other inexpensive crossovers, it is possible that the Korean novelty will not appear in other countries over time.

In India, the car should go on sale only on the tenth of July.

Therefore, the manufacturer has not yet fully disclosed all the features of its new product. But he did publish some of the information.

One of the important features of the Korean crossover is hidden in its technical part.

Hyundai Exter 2023.

By default, the car is equipped with a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated unit. Its declared maximum output does not exceed 83 hp.

At the same time, Hyundai promised that the crossover will also come with gas-balloon equipment, which is combined with the same engine.

Probably, the power of the power unit will be slightly reduced, as previously happened with other engines of the Korean company that received HBO.

Hyundai Exter 2023.

In addition to it, only a 5-speed «mechanics» will be offered. Versions with automatic transmission are not yet planned.

According to the announced information, the Korean novelty will enter the Indian market in five versions.

A complete list of equipment available for this model is also not disclosed.

But Hyundai shared information about how it equipped the crossover. It is stated that the Korean model is equipped with an infotainment complex with a separate touchscreen, the dimensions of which have not yet been disclosed.

Hyundai Exter 2023.

Despite the listed price, the crossover was equipped with a wireless charging platform and a digital driver display.

In addition to this, an electric sunroof, 2 cameras with a DVR and cruise control are offered.

The security complex included basic systems, as well as parking radars and one airbag. Moreover, these options will be available already with the initial version.

The design of the Korean novelty combines the features of the compact Casper and more expensive crossovers.

Hyundai will transfer many exterior details to other models over time. This, in particular, applies to square and rectangular body parts, an almost flat roof and a sheer stern.

That is, Exter, despite belonging to the segment of cheap cars, will become a kind of prototype for future novelties of the Korean brand.

Hyundai Exter 2023.

For example, head optics with H-shaped LED strips will definitely be transferred to top-end crossovers. At least this is evidenced by spy photos from the tests of their test prototypes.

The Korean novelty attracts attention with a number of other features. One of them is that the car seems to be prepared for off-road use, although it lacks all-wheel drive.

The ground clearance indicator (as, indeed, the dimensions) has not yet been disclosed. But, judging by the official photos, the clearance of the Korean novelty is at least no less than that of the main competitors.

In addition to this, the crossover was equipped with a wide plastic body kit.

This combination is due precisely to the nature of the positioning of the car: it is intended for the Indian market, where cars that can overcome at least light off-road are highly popular.


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