Hyundai Grander 2021.

Hyundai Grander 2021.

Hyundai Grander 2021.

Hyundai Grander 2021: an executive sedan at an affordable price level.
The Korean car industry, represented by Hyundai, claims to be a manufacturer of large-format, comfortable and high-speed executive class cars of the European E-segment category. The sixth generation of the sedan, Hyundai Grander 2021, may become a worthy successor to the lineup.

In the new generation, a more affordable novelty in terms of external design, technical equipment and performance characteristics is identical to many analogues of the European representative range. The new model is aimed at users of the middle property class who do not have the opportunity to purchase a premium car.

Hyundai Grander 2021


On photos and advertising videos taken from different angles, the Hyundai Grander 2021 demonstrates an external resemblance to the older model of the Genesis series, supplemented by elements of a sports-aggressive style. Restyling has identified itself with an increase in body dimensions, the implementation of the latest technical and design solutions.

In sight:

dynamic racing windshield tilt;
multilevel longitudinal profiles of a massive hood;
diamond-shaped configuration combined with the running lights of the LED head optics;
the branded radiator grille decorated with a large-mesh diagonal mesh and the brand logo.

In the lower part of the front, attention is drawn to the silver mesh frame of the ventilation duct and the vertical arrangement of the side air diffusers combined with the compact body kit.

Hyundai Grander 2021.

The lateral projection of the 2021 Grander is dominated by the business style characteristic of European prototypes. The new body with increased dimensions is characterized by excellent aerodynamics of the domed roof, an elongated front end and a massive stern.

In the basic configuration, there is a tonal-color contrast of a wide chrome frame and glossy black pillars of window glazing, as well as stepped profiles that visually connect the volumetric wheel arches. The composition of the sidewalls is completed by a protective and decorative sill strip and a multi-spoke design of titanium 20-inch wheels.

In the structural and design features of the rear side of the body, there is a gentle slope of the rear window, a spoiler lip and a proprietary LED jumper for multifunctional lamps of the compact luggage compartment lid.

The wide bumper is equipped with a license plate recessed into the body and a large-bore racing tailpipe integrated into the left side of the body kit.

Hyundai Grander 2021.


The interior volume of the premium sedan amazes the imagination with the perfection of the leather interior, the number and functionality of branded options, ergonomics and service of seats.

In terms of composition, as well as the effectiveness of special equipment and electronics, the sedan is identical to the same type of products of the world’s leading brands. In particular, the novelty is equipped with nine passive and active road safety systems, electronic assistants and high-performance disc brakes.

Behind the multifunctional steering wheel with two blocks of command buttons, an informative instrument panel is registered, complete with classic pointer indicators and a color monitor of the on-board computer.

The top segment of the three-story console includes a 12-inch media command display and an analog clock face. In the center there is a paired block of two ventilation deflectors. The consoles installed in the lower part of the dashboard are responsible for activating and configuring functional and comfort-forming equipment.

Hyundai Grander 2021.

The information field lacks the composition and equipment of the central tunnel. Taking into account the representative status of the sedan, one can assume the presence of transmission controls, additional organizers, a spacious refrigerating chamber and a comfortable armrest.

The increased volume of the cabin provides the driver and four passengers with a large amount of personal space, a large number of «comfort» options, including several ranges of operating settings, heated and ventilated seats.

The moderate volume of the 446-liter trunk, typical for premium cars, is compensated by the hidden placement in the floor of the spare wheel compartment and standard tools.


In the new generation, the external body dimensions of the sedan are increased in the ratios of 4990×1875 and 1470 mm. The running gear has a 2885 mm center base and 150 mm ground clearance, a comfortable independent suspension, additional functionality of stabilizers, electronic assistants and active safety systems.

Information on the number and parameters of power units is in places unreliable.
Presumably, in the new edition, the base model Hyundai Grandeur 2021 will receive a productive tandem of a 2.5-liter gasoline «aspirated» Smartstream with an output of 195 hp. and an automated front-wheel drive 8-band transmission.

Hyundai Grander 2021.

The top-end modification promises a 3.3-liter 290-horsepower petrol «six» with a similar power transmission and an innovative steering unit of the R-MDPS series.

The test drive has been completed for all points, but the traction, speed and consumption characteristics of the motor range will be published after processing and verification of the results obtained.

Options and prices

In dollar terms, the price of different modifications of the sedan will vary in the range from 26.5 to 30 thousand conventional units. The 2021 model is adapted to the needs of the Western European and Asian markets, so the cost of the novelty in the domestic currency has not been announced.

Sales start in Russia

According to available information, the new Hyundai Grander 2021 model year will not be supplied to the domestic market due to low demand. Thus, the release date in Russia in the foreseeable future will remain in question.


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