Hyundai Grandeur 2023.

Hyundai Grandeur 2023.

Hyundai Grandeur 2023.

Spies once again caught the next Hyundai Grandeur: a bold look and unusual interior.

It is assumed that in the new generation of «four-door» will retain the «traditional» and hybrid versions, while the model, perhaps, will get a fully electric version.

We have already seen a sedan Hyundai Grandeur of the next, seventh, generation on spy shots, and not once.

And here is the fresh portion of shots from paparazzi. No, the model with intrafactory index GN7 has not yet got rid of camouflage, but in the video, which was uploaded to YouTube-channel Woopa TV, you can take a closer look at the front end, in addition zasvechivaetsya interior.

The new four-door will have an even bolder design, and Hyundai will add retro motifs.

«Seventh» Grandeur will get two-tier headlights, and the blocks of the main headlights will be made vertical, as in the minivan Hyundai Staria.

Hyundai Grandeur 2023.

The radiator grille will have large-mesh net and white color. However, it is still unknown if it will be a «feature» of the model or just a feature of the test prototype.

The taillights will be made in the form of thin strips. The above-mentioned «retro» — separate windows in the rear pillars (alas, in the current shots they are not visible), which clearly refer to the first-generation Grandeur (which in turn was a licensed copy of Mitsubishi Debonair).

Hyundai Grandeur 2023.

According to preliminary information, the new sedan will be larger than its predecessor — supposedly its length will exceed 5 meters.

The interior will be unusual too, to take at least flat headrests of front seats on wide «legs».

By the way, in a video Woopa TV flashes a picture with uncovered front panel: this image burst across the network in April (in the current spy video front end is still hidden under the canopy), but at the moment there is no absolute certainty that it really captures the interior of the next Grandeur.

Hyundai Grandeur 2023.

Meanwhile, the model of the new generation is still expected to have four-seat version — with separate seats in the second row instead of a sofa.

In addition, the model may get an all-electric version. But there are no details about the technology yet.

Hyundai Grandeur 2023.

The previous Grandeur in Korea today is available with gasoline «atmospheric» 2.5 GDI (198 hp) and V6 3.3 GDI (290 hp), as well as with V6 3.0 LPi (235 hp) engine running on gas.

The new sedan is expected to be on sale in 2023, although the model may well be revealed as early as 2022 (or the brand will at least share branded pictures).

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