Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022.

Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022.

Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022.

Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022. The Hyundai Lafesta sedan has changed its engine and gained an N Line version in hopes of winning back customers.

The coupe-like «four-door» also transformed outside and inside. The restyled model is likely to hit the market next year.

We saw the updated Hyundai Lafesta in light camouflage on the spy photos in late November, and now in the base of the Chinese Ministry of Industry entered pictures, which captures the sedan without a flap of camouflage.

In addition the basic characteristics became known. Recall, the «four-door» debuted in 2018, it was created specifically for the PRC, the production is established there: the local joint venture Beijing Hyundai positions the model as a youth model.

In 2019, its first full year on the market, according to CarSalesBase, the four-door sold 99,404 copies.

But the result of 2020 is only 35,540 units. And from January till October, 2021 only 9100 pieces were sold.

By the way, at the end of last year Lafesta was slightly refreshed, but as we see, that modernization did not help. This time there are much more improvements.

Sedan got new bumpers, the radiator grille also changed — it became bigger.

Under the rear lights made in the form of a single plate, instead of chrome now is a black décor.

Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022.

In addition, Lafesta finally got a «heated» version of the N Line, which she was promised last year.

Features of this version — more aggressive bodykit, black mirror housings, roof and trunk lid anti-wing, plus twin exhaust pipes and red brake calipers.

Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022.

The length of the four-door increased by 30 mm to 4690 mm, the other dimensions are the same: width — 1790 mm, height — 1425 mm, wheelbase — 2700 mm.

Chinese certification body traditionally has not published interior photos, but thanks to the paparazzi, we know that inside there is another front panel, steering wheel and climate control, and a touch screen multimedia system combined with a virtual «dashboard».

Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022.

The 1.6 T-GDI turbo engine, which produces 190 or 204 hp on the pre-reform Lafesta, will be retired.

It will be replaced by a 200 hp 1.5 turbo four, familiar from other Chinese Hyundai models.

No gearboxes are specified. For example, crossover Hyundai Tucson L with such engine is equipped with seven-speed «robot» with two clutches.

The former Lafesta is also offered exclusively with 7DCT, with front-wheel drive only.

Hyundai Lafesta N Line 2022.

Also the sedan has an all-electric variant, it will apparently be updated similar to the «traditional» model.

On sale the updated Hyundai Lafesta is expected next year.

Pre-restyled «four-door» today will cost 133,800 — 154,800 yuan, which is equivalent to about 1,557,000 — 1,802,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

Hyundai is still not going to introduce the Lafesta to other markets.

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