IM LS7 2023.

IM LS7 2023.

IM LS7 2023.

A large electric crossover IM LS7 has been presented in the Celestial Empire.

Chinese brand IM («Intelligence in Motion»), the controlling stake of which belongs to concern SAIC (64%), has declassified its second model — crossover LS7.

Compared to previously presented sedan L7, the novelty has different design of the exterior.

Of course, both models are made in some general style, but all-roader differs from the same four-door by much simpler execution of headlights.

Here it is LED, but not matrix one, and its form is not so smart.

The model has a huge windshield with electrochromic top section, where you can adjust the degree of transparency.

There is no panoramic roof as such, but there is a glass section over the rear row.

As for the design of the stern, the Chinese crossover reminds much of the Aston Martin DBX. The Cx’s aerodynamic drag coefficient is claimed to be 0.268.

Depending on the configuration, the car can be put on 20-inch or 22-inch wheels.

In both cases, there are wider tires on the rear axle. The interior of the car has a combined leather and suede trim, as well as wood veneer inserts.

IM LS7 2023.

There is a steering wheel in front of the driver, although a more conventional steering wheel can also be ordered if desired.

There are three large displays on the front panel. They can be dropped down, and in this case only their upper sections remain visible.

It is interesting that the back row in crossover has three seats, but its left side (60%) can be folded to transport long objects.

In this case a comfortable armchair with numerous electric adjustments and ventilation will remain at the right side.

IM LS7 2023.

You can also fold the back of the front seat and move the rear seat to it, thus obtaining a sleeping place.

IM LS7 2023 is almost completely unified with L7 sedan.

This is not surprising, as both models were developed in parallel with each other.

Four-door and crossover are built on its own platform, which implies a double wishbone suspension in front and multilever behind.

IM LS7 2023.

Already in the base the chassis is equipped with pneumatic elements with electronically controlled shock absorbers. Plus Brembo brakes are installed «around the wheel».

Chinese crossover achieves 5,049 mm in length, 2,002 mm in width and 1,731 mm in height.

Thus, in terms of dimensions it is similar to the already mentioned Aston Martin DBX. Moreover, it has the same wheelbase — 3 060 mm.

While the developers have shown only the top-end all-wheel drive version. It has two electric motors, and the unit at the front produces 238 hp, and the rear — 340 hp. The total capacity of engines is 578 hp (725 Nm).

It is reported that with such «stuffing» 2 630-kilogram crossover is able to accelerate from zero to a hundred in 4.5 seconds and its speed limit — 200 km/h. The electric motors are powered by a 100 kWh traction battery for their work.

IM LS7 2023.

Unfortunately, the range of the top version of the model is not named yet.

Also in the range will be non-wheel-drive version with 340 horsepower. The battery for it is declared the same, and the range is already announced — 660 km (according to the cycle CLTC).

However, in the future, the single-engine modification will be available with a 90 kWh battery.

Crossover has a second level of autopilot, for the efficiency of which the front radar and two lidar are responsible, installed in a narrow bar between the windshield and panoramic section.

Over time, it is promised to upgrade to the third level. In Celestial Empire acceptance of pre-orders for IM LS7 is already open, but the price range for the crossover is sounded tentative — from 50 to 72 thousand USD (from 3,5 to 5,1 million rubles at present exchange rate).

The «live» cars should appear at dealers only in March of the 23rd.

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