Infiniti QX50 2023.

Infiniti QX50 2023.

Infiniti QX50 2023.

Why was this crossover better than its competitors?

Due to the recent geopolitical events in Russia in the near future there may be a tangible shortage of premium crossovers.

Despite the fact that Japan has officially banned the supply of premium cars in Russia, in the country it is still possible to buy a crossover Infiniti QX50 2023 from the remaining stocks at dealers.

However, it is worth understanding that the prices of this car have increased markedly, now the minimum cost of the QX50 is 4,840,000 rubles. At the same time, it has quite a lot of options and very few competitors.

One of the most obvious of them now can be called Lexus NX200, BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Chinese Exeed LX.

At the same time, technically the «Japanese» has not changed for a long time and already now needs modernization, and in Russia it is available only with one engine-transmission pair.

It is supposed that Infiniti QX50 2023 will get a new body next year, during the planned modernization. While the model in Russia, as well as in all other markets, is offered in the second generation and with a wide variety of different options.

Infiniti QX50 2023.

Prices for the crossover from the spring of 2022 increased markedly and this despite the fact that the specifications have not undergone any changes. How the car looks you can traditionally see in the photo illustrating this article.


Despite the fact that the Infiniti QX50 2023 is one of the most affordable crossovers in the range of the Japanese company, its design is traditional for the brand.

At the front is the brand’s signature trapezoidal grille with a mesh interior pattern. The QX50’s headlights are also trademark for the brand’s cars.

Infiniti QX50 2023.

All lines are smooth and create a beautiful aerodynamic effect.

Especially impressive looks parketnik stern, which looms some calm and sportiness due to the graceful lights, combined chrome strip and a pair of trapezoidal exhaust pipes, scattered on both sides of the silver rear bumper cover.

The interior of the car looks no less calm. It is also dominated by smooth transitions and smooth lines.

Infiniti QX50 2023.

Despite the fact that the car is still equipped with an analog dashboard, the manufacturer has not spared it technological digital displays on the central console.

It may seem that they are small, but the fact that there are two at once negates this disadvantage.

Between the front seats stands out a wide separating armrest, which has a minimum of controls, because all the main buttons and switches have been moved to the central console.

Length — 4693 mm
Width — 1903 mm
Height — 1678 mm
Wheelbase — 2800 mm

Options and prices

Infiniti QX50 2023.

Now in the range of Infiniti QX50 2023 for Russia, there are ten different options. They all differ only in the list of available equipment, with the fact that from version to version it does not change so much to focus on each version.

Therefore in this review we will tell you about the difference between the base version of the car and its top version. These complete sets are called Pure and Autograph respectively.

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