Infiniti QX55 2021-2022.

Infiniti QX55 2021-2022.

Infiniti QX55 2021-2022.

Infiniti QX55 2021-2022: Infiniti’s new coupe crossover.
The Infiniti lineup has a new coupe-like crossover Infiniti QX55. The presentation of the car took place on November 18, and it will go on sale in the US and Canadian markets in the spring of 2021.

The new Infiniti will reach Europe and Russia closer to the end of next year. The model will be available in three trim levels Luxe, Essensial and Sensory. Prices will appear closer to the start of sales.

Body design and dimensions

The new QX55 is the closest relative of the QX50 crossover and at the same time the ideological successor to the once popular Infiniti FX.

The newcomer differs from the original «fifty» primarily in the shape of the body, and, therefore, in dimensions. So, the «coupe» is 39 mm longer and 56 mm lower than its congener (4732 and 1622 mm, respectively).

The other dimensions are identical: the wheelbase is the same 2800 mm, the width is 1903 mm. The rear wheel track of the QX55 is 10 mm less (1620 mm).

Infiniti QX55 2021-2022.

The nose section of the model received an original design, but all key elements are designed in accordance with the current brand concept.

At the same time, the rather large radiator grille stands out with an interesting mesh pattern with a depth effect, and the branded headlights, reminiscent of human eyes, sport LED optics.

At the corners of the bumper are compact foglights, framed by black glossy brackets.

The Infiniti QX55 feed has a simple and concise look. The trapezoidal boot lid is devoid of intricate stamps and is crowned with the brand logo. The nameplate has a dual purpose — in addition to a purely decorative function, it plays the role of an activator of the fifth door unlocking mechanism.

The rear lights are a real highlight with unusual graphics in the style of piano keys. Each lighting unit is equipped with 45 diode elements, which create a particularly beautiful illumination in the dark.

Infiniti QX55 2021-2022.

For the new coupe-crossover, a color palette has been developed that includes eight body enamels: Dynamic Sunstone Red, Slate Gray, Majestic White, Liquid Platinum, Graphite Shadow, Mineral Black, Black Obsidian and Hermosa Blue. The base wheel size is 20 inches.

Interior and equipment

The interior of the QX55 is almost the same as that of the donor QX50. Two displays are built into the center console (located one below the other) for multimedia control and on-board systems settings.

Available interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and «Apple» gadgets can be integrated wirelessly. There is also a 4G LTE modem with a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to seven devices.

But the dashboard of the new Infiniti QX55 got only analog, but in the future it is planned to «digitize» it.

The list of equipment available for the novelty includes three-zone climate control, a 9-inch head-up display, electric adjustment and ventilation of the front seats, a sunroof, Bose acoustics with 16 speakers.

Infiniti QX55 2021-2022.

The interior of the crossover is trimmed with leather (artificial or natural), in addition to which there are inserts of their dark brushed aluminum and wood. Three upholstery designs are available: Graphite, Stone / Graphite and Monaco Red / Graphite.

The rear seats of the new QX55 are equipped with longitudinal movement mechanisms (move back and forth by 150 mm) and backrest tilt. Depending on the layout of the seats, the car can carry from 762 to 1532 liters of cargo at a time (when loaded under the roof).

Specifications Infiniti QX55 2021-2022

The QX55 has only one engine in its arsenal — a 2.0-liter VC Turbo unit with a variable compression ratio (ranging from 14: 1 to 8: 1). The engine produces 272 hp. and 380 Nm (in Russia, the power will be reduced to 249 forces).

Traction is transmitted to the wheels using a variator and Intelligent AWD. Under standard conditions, up to 100% of the torque is sent to the front axle, while the rear is only engaged when starting or when slip is detected.

Infiniti QX55 2021-2022.

Maximum backward can be 50% of the thrust. The transmission algorithm depends on the selected driving mode, of which there are four — Standard, ECO, Sport and Personal.

The suspension of the new Infiniti QX55 is completely independent — MacPherson strut and multi-link. It is initially tuned for a more active ride than the QX50.

Even when cornering, the driver is assisted by a special Body Motion Control system.

As an alternative to classic electric power steering, Direct Adaptive Steering is available, transmitting commands from the steering wheel to the wheels via wires.

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