Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.

Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.

Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.

Jaguar E-type 60 Collection. — 12 restored cars.
The most iconic sports car, the Jaguar Classic, celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021. The brand has released a new batch of cars made in a unique retro style under the name Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.

The company decided to please true car enthusiasts and released the specifics of 12 restored retro cars with 3.8-liter tanks, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the legendary sports car.

About the model

Sports cars E-type 60 in the form of a coupe, created from unique elements and special decor. The model is a full-fledged development of the Jaguar company together with Julian Thomson — the chief designer of the brand.

The limited edition models have updated parts to make them easier to handle while driving. Improvements in the new version of the sports car are a five-speed manual transmission, a modern cooling system, the Jaguar Classic multimedia function with GPS satellite and the ability to connect to the car via Bluetooth.

External features

In the already presented 12 restored cars, a special body color can be noted. The sports car has a shade of Flat Out Gray, while the roadster is painted in Drop Everything Green.

Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.

These two shades have been specially created for the 60 Collection models. Cars are endowed with unique metal engravings, which were created by the iconic engraver Johnny Dowell.

Some masters know him by the pseudonym King Nerd.

The designer has chosen a unique and unlike anything else style of inscriptions. You can see Johnny’s masterpieces on the main console of the sports car.


The coupé version of the sports car with Smooth Black interior and leather trim has a unique feature — an engraving with a stylized map on which the places passed by Bob Berry are highlighted.

Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.

Also on the car model you can see the phrase «I thought you would never get here.» The words of the head of the brand, Mr. William Lyons, refer to Bob Berry, who arrived at the event just minutes before the start.

It is also worth highlighting several features of the sports car:

1. The center console is metal. The car also features a brand name that adorns the hood, tachometer dial, fuel tank cap.

2. On the details you can see the inscriptions commemorative logo E-type 60 and the inscription with numbers symbolizing important years for the brand «1961-2021».

3. The handlebars are made of a sturdy beech wood rim similar to the 1961 models.

4. The horn button is made of 24K gold.

Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.


An important technical improvement in the exclusive range of cars is the specialized development of the five-speed manual transmission.

In addition, the model is adorned with spiral gears and a reinforced die-cast aluminum body. In addition to the car itself, future owners will receive custom-made seat covers, an equipment bag and a jack.


The exhaust system (exhaust) is robust and durable — made from polished stainless steel by the manufacturer.

The exhaust has been engineered to produce a deeper, evocative sound when starting the engine.

The car will accelerate to 100 km in just 7 seconds. The engineers updated the chassis in the car, the original in-line six-cylinder engines with a volume of 3.8 liters were installed.

Jaguar E-type 60 Collection.

Features of the model:

stainless steel exhaust system;
five-speed automatic transmission;
premium seat covers;
hand-made steering wheel;
modern technologies in the cabin such as GPS, smartphone integration and DAB radio;
6-cylinder engine endowed with 265 horsepower;
engine displacement is 3.8 liters.


Remanufactured and professionally refurbished, the Jaguar Classic sports cars from the E-type 60 Collection combine luxury quality with state-of-the-art technology in 2021 models.

The car from the limited collection will cost the buyer £ 850,000 or $ 1.2 million.

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